How do I change this?

For some reason which I do not remember creating, when you look at my listing, it gives my occupation or whatever, as “dancer“. Yes, I am a dancer, but I want to remove that. Can someone show me where that is in my Airbnb settings so that I can change or remove it?

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Click on your picture, go to profile then you can edit your profile.

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My ‘about’ has nothing filled in, yet it says ‘dancer’…

You are unable to edit?

No, there is nothing to edit! I was hoping to see some sort of category where I had input dancer as a category for instance, or as a profession, but there does not seem to be anywhere. I of course did not fill in any of this cutie stuff lol.

Obvious solution is to contact Airbnb then.

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Consider yourself lucky. My guest who just booked a couple days ago had her account, which she opened in 2008, suddenly say she joined in 2020, and all her years’ worth of reviews have disappeared.

Oh that sucks. She had to be literally one of the first people to ever create an account.

Yes, she said she’d been a member for about 17 years. And CS, of course, has not been able to do anything about it. At least she was savvy enough to write that in her profile- that there has been a major glitch on her account. Otherwise I would have assumed she’d never booked an Airbnb before. Says no trips and no reviews.