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How do I ask without being rude, how young the child is?


I have guest from Brazil who has just booked for three nights. She’s a new user, and didnt send me a message,with info like who she is travelling with, arrival time etc etc.
So I messaged her to enquire. She responded by saying she would be coming with her son. Now i’m worried her son will be a young child. I make it clear in my listing rules that I dont accept children (Due to a bad experience before).
How do I ask without being rude, how young the child is?
Thanks in advance.


Literally just say, “may I ask how old your son is”? Just weave it into the conversation.


You can also ask for the number and ages of guests when the inquiry comes in.


He’s 22…phew…it’s just the lady looked so young, hard to believe shes a 22 yr old lol…anyway all good…Cheers :slight_smile:


Had to read that 3x to realize the word ‘has’ was missing. At first I thought they were both 22 years old. :smiley:

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Lol!!! I’m rushing around like a headless chicken (Host) these days, now I cant even write! :sweat_smile:

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