How could I make my pictures look sharped?

I can´t get this right. My pictures look nice and sharp on my desktop but once I uploaded them to the site they start looking very blurry. There must be some kind of uploading post process that optimize the pictures to screen, probably downloaing their file size too so I have tried with values 1024 x 683 pixels (W X H) to match those that Airbnb use to display our pictures. My though was that the closer I was to the Airbnb final values the less optimization mi pictures will require but still they look differnte (and blurry) than on desktop. I know some of you are real pro on this subject. Can you give me some advice?

Are you using your iPhone?

I’m having that problem also. They look good on my camera, then look blurry on air.

Yes, they obviously downsample the pictures to reduce the file size which is expected but if I even compressed them to 1024 x 683 the system applies this horrible process and those sharp and lovely edges are gone. The picture that looks amazing on my camera it then looks like if was taken in a hurry with my phone.

I take all my pics on my iPhone 5s no issues at all?

I’m the same, Emily. All mine are taken using the phone.

@Monica Did you ever resolve this issue? I’m having the exact same problem right now. Very frustrating.