How can you find a private comment you wrote to a host?

I wrote a very long message to a host recently and wanted to share it with my husband who was staying there with me to see if we missed anything and I see the public reviews I wrote in my review history but no private comment history.

I don’t think you can, I’m afraid. I was looking recently for some private feedback I had given to previous guests so that I could replicate it. I couldn’t find it. Only the public reviews seem accessible. Bit crap not to have a record of everything :frowning:

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That is AWFUL! What if you left a nice review for a host but in your private comments you let them know that something bothered you that you think no one else would mind? Then 3 years later you are going to the same city and book again because you have no access to your OWN DAMN COMMENTS!

There are many hosts here who welcome private feedback and it doesn’t bother them at all if there is a glowing public review and then complaints in the private feedback. However there are many hosts who really don’t care to host someone again who really wasn’t 100% satisfied the first time.

I’d suggest finding a different Airbnb. There are so many more than there were 3 years ago, surely you can find one that meets your specific needs.

I think the point is that if you left a nice public review but not so great private comments, you wouldn’t necessarily remember that you weren’t satisfied with the listing because you can’t see the private comments that you made. At least, that’s how I’m reading this post.

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Perhaps the OP will clarify.

Honestly, unless you travel constantly and use Airbnb all the time it seems unlikely that you wouldn’t remember the failings of a particular listing. I think it’s far more troublesome for a busy host who has hundreds of guests every year. They may get a repeat booking and have no access to any private feedback they gave the guest previously.

ACTUALLY the POINT is that I don’t have a copy of a sent message that I wrote! The situation I brought up where I would want to see my sent private comments was just a hypothetical situation. I shouldn’t HAVE to try to dream up a situation where I would like to have access to what I wrote. I should just HAVE access to what I wrote !!! I think it is extremely remiss of airbnb to randomly assign personal comments from guest to host as the ones that the writer has no access to. The hosts have access to received private comment history. I have access to all of my other missives. I admit that i have to look around a bit between reviews and messages and host mode and guest mode to find previous messages or reviews I wrote to guests or hosts…but I know they are there! WHY NOT THESE ONES???

There is a sent folder in my gmail account from the day I signed up . There are COMPLETE histories of facebook comments(even more of a hassle to navigate but they are there). There are comprehensive tweet histories.Why does Airbnb decide to blow off these ones in such an incredibly arbitrary way?

If you haven’t noticed. I am a little pissed at airbnb

I see now. In the future send all comments to a host via the message thread not the “private feedback” section when you review them. At least so far they are preserving all our message threads in our inboxes.

I don’t know why. They do many things in a seemingly arbitrary way. Although you’re worked up about this issue it’s probably not high on their list of priorities. You might not realize this since you’re a guest, not a host, but sometimes host’s listings disappear from search and Airbnb can’t tell them why. Sometimes we need to communicate with the guest and the website is down. There are lots of things about Airbnb that piss people off.

I am a host as well as being a guest and I see that the private comments people sent to me are preserved. I suppose I could ask the host to forward the comment to me…but I shouldn’t have to.

This is the first I’ve heard of the site randomly losing listings in search! MAN!

I had to take a listing down because of the “neighbourhood” feature on the map. The house is rural and there were about 3 other houses in the circle indicating the neighbourhood. When some 21 year old kid messaged me with many questions about who would be there and what sort of lock I have, I pulled the listing off. I contacted airbnb and there was absolutely zero way to resolve the issue.

I’m sure I can’t be the only person who has done this- rural neighbourthoods need to be larger on airbnb maps.

I was commenting hypothetically . jkamm was correct. The point is that we should DEFINITELY have access to everything we have communicated to guests or hosts on the platform. It is absolutely unacceptable that we don’t. The entire site is incredibly slow, clunky and poorly conceived but because it is so popular, they have no particular desire to fix it. WORST UIX on a site of this size (popularity/alexa rating ) on the internet imho.

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Thanks for the clarification.