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How can I see reviews made by a prospective guest BEFORE I confirm their reservation?

How can I see reviews made by a prospective guest BEFORE I confirm their reservation? Is this possible with Airbnb?

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Use the Airbnb Chrome extension. Alternatively you can click through each of their reviews and search to see if they left a review for that host. You won’t be able to find the reviews they left for hosts that didn’t review them, this way though.


The app is called Air Review, it’s super helpful. Just know that sometimes it stops working but it has always (so far) started working again. I imagine that Airbnb finds a way to block it and then the Air Review people find a way around the block. I’m not a computer-person so may be way-off but do notice that it has always come back after a few days or so it seems. Most of the time it works for me.


LOVE air review on chrome.

I recently learned a hack to check for 3rd party booking .

Make sure the names on the host reviews, correspond with name on account that is booking.

So if Simon booked and the reviews you find on his profile say “Jan and John were great guests”… well valid question who the heck is Simon!


AirReview is also available as a FireFox extension. It’s great!

I use Air review. Love it but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

It’s true! It’s been a few days actually. I sent them an email - they’re great about responding. So far, it’s always come back, but we will see…

Just received a response: “Hi, and thank you for reaching out. Recently, AirBnB has made changes to their code that has caused the extension to stop working. We are actively working on a fix, and hope it will be ready soon. Thanks again for using our extension and happy hosting!”


That’s not necessarily a 3rd party booking. Far more likely Simon was added to the reservation as a guest.

Yep, you read that right. If Jan added Simon’s e-mail to the reservation as an additional guest the review will show on his page.

Simon may have taken enough ketamine to sleep-walk through the entire holiday; not responsible for booking, communicating, or doing a final check of the place (as any good guest might do). Jan did all that stuff. But the glowing review of Jan’s efforts are still displayed on Simon’s account.


Damn. I hope they work out a fix soon. It’s a useful tool for us.

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