How can I override the min two nights Fri/Sat for one occassion

Hello. New Airbnb host here. Got out first booking within 2 hours of listing. Woohoo! It was for a Thursday and Friday night. This leaves Saturday vacant. I have the Friday/Saturday 2 night minimum turned on. Is it possible to make this Saturday night only available for just the one night without turning off the other requirements?

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You’ll have to set this on No Minimum. If you aren’t on IB, you can simply turn down any reservations that don’t suit you.

Thanks konacocnutz
I am pretty new here. Please, what is IB?

Instant Book… If you are very new, I wouldn’t use it until you get used to the ebb and flow of the guest experience. :slight_smile:
(In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it at all, although other hosts here love it.)

Thanks again.

No I don’t have IB turned on and wouldn’t do so. Too many potential problems.

I was hoping a new rule (requirement) in the calendar settings may over ride previous ones. Ie, I will give you an example.

I have min 2 nights for weekends. (Friday Saturday). This is one of the default calendar settings you can choose.

Lets say that in 3 weeks from now, a guest books for a Thursday and Friday night. They have satisfied the min two night requirements which include a Friday or Saturday night. However, I now have a Saturday night free which should be easy to book out. If anyone wants to book that night though, the min 2 nights requirement kicks in because it includes the Saturday night. I was hoping to make this Saturday night available for just the one night for that specific date. If I turn off the min 2 night requirements for Friday/Saturdays to allow for the single night booking, it may mean that other weekends not already booked will be available for just one night rather than the specific date I wanted to make a single night available.

Hope this clears up my explanation. I am sure that others would have encountered this situation.

Regards, Peter

Oh I see what you mean. All of that is getting a bit complicated. I don’t have minimums like that and don’t charge any extra for weekends. Most people come to Hawaii on multi-day holidays so charging more for weekends doesn’t sit right with me.

I don’t have ANY minimum… When you have a minimum it will block them from even seeing it and enquiring. If someone tries to book one night though, I steer them off. It’s just not a good value. By the time they have paid security, cleaning, fees, tax for one night, they could have booked the 4 Seasons. I send them to the local motel unless they are desperate and REALLY want one night. :slight_smile:

Hello again Konacoconutz

Thanks so much for your help. I understand fully what you mean. For our market, we get a lot of locals who come to the coast on the weekends thus the minimum two nights. After considering your input though, we have changed it to a 1 night and hope to encourage a second night. Actually, one night wouldn’t be sufficient time to enjoy the place anyway.

For your information, this is the link to our Airbnb:

Would love to see what you offer as well if that is okay. Please forward me the link to yours.

Regards, Peter

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Hello to Nellingen from Bellingen

here is one of our places:


Peter I will PM. Best to observe anonymonity here. :slight_smile: