How can I override my two-night minimum?

I searched Airbnb (both desktop and mobile versions), and I searched this forum (the post from a year ago doesn’t work anymore). The issue is that we are tired of getting one-night reservations on weekends, so I just changed the policy to require two-nights on Fridays and Saturdays. However, we already have a couple of one-nighters on Saturdays that booked before I changed the policy. Now the system won’t allow travelers to book on the two stranded Fridays that I have available. How can I manually override the two-night minimum for specific dates? THANKS!

Calender>availability settings (top right)>Click on edit for trip length>Click on add another requirement and you have to specify the date and that trip and minimum stay is one day.

Total hassle that Airbnb should fix but hasn’t after hearing from the community for a while. If you sign up with for overall pricing features you can also much more easily change these isolated single days to be bookable for a single night. They tell me they are working on automating this process as well but that functionality hasn’t been added yet.


Thanks for the info, @Lee_Goldman! My screen did not have those exact options, but by looking for what you suggested, I was able to find what I needed. For others who may read this post later, here’s what I had to do:
Go to Host >> Calendar >> Manage Settings (top right of screen) >> Availability (top middle of screen, just below Listings header) >> Trip length Edit button >> Below the specification added for two-day min. on weekends, click Edit >> On the drop down menu for During, click Specific Dates. On that screen, I could choose specific dates to edit minimum stay for. Sadly, after I finally set it to what I needed and saved that screen, I opened an incognito window in a different browser and tested it out. It did not work. Looks like I’m going to have to call Airbnb for help after all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s really befuddling why Airbnb hasn’t addressed this issue considering that many many people either don’t know how or don’t take the time to change these isolated days that never end up getting booked. That is a lot of lost revenue for both Hosts and Airbnb without any conceivable downside.


I agree, Lee!

So… The outcome is that I called Airbnb, and after about 20 minutes, the answer is that there is a known glitch in the system, and they are working on it. It turns out that there is an issue with the programming order of tasks. So when you set a minimum number of days to book, the system ignores other requests after that to lower the minimum for specific dates. I ended up having to remove the requirement to have a two day minimum on weekends, then manually add the two-day minimum to all the specific weekend dates for the next three months excluding the weekends that have stranded days. Not convenient at all, but at least I finally got the job done!

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That is exactly what I ended up doing. As I open dates I just manually set each Friday and Saturday to have a two night minimum. Then if i get an isolated Friday or Saturday I do away with the requirement. A total pain in the you-know-what. Seems like they could just allow for an override of your general policy on speciific dates. Would be much easier!!!

I love the one nighters! The last one checked in at 8:30 left at 10:00 used one coffee mug and a couple towels.

Since the bulk are on Saturday nights I upped the price and lowered Friday so it evens out for the two day stays.