How can I list my apartment so it can be more profitable?

Hi! I am a new host and I wanted to know from your experience, which is more profitable, listing the apartment as an entire place or as private rooms with shared bathroom, is a 2 bedroom apartment and I won’t be living there. So it will be rented for two different guests if I list it as private rooms.
Another question is , it is better to have double beds in each room or one room with a double bed and the other with two single bed (this question is if I list it as private rooms).
Thank You in advance!

Who have your designed your listing to appeal to? Families? business people? couples or singles on a budget?

This will help you understand whether private rooms or a whole apartment and single or double beds are more appropriate.

How will you manage issues around cleanliness of communal areas when you have different people sharing? How will you manage issues around noise or anti-social behaviour.

You need to put together a budget for both options and taking into account the factors above decide what will be best.

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Whole apartment is better. Way less problems. For example if people in one room are messy you’ll get bad review from the others and theres nothing you can do


Where is the listing?

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For a couple I won’t rent a place with a double bed. A queen at a minimum but prefer a king bed.

Also, I personally won’t rent a shared space with a random stranger.


In Tirana, Albania :slight_smile:

Now that we know this is in Europe, it’s probably moot point.

Here in the US I had a double bed from May 2014 until Sept 2018. During that time I probably rented to over 200 couples (plus another 200 singles) and I got one comment that a queen bed would be nice. I do get a lot of one night guests and single travelers but I don’t think a European host should buy new beds due to American proclivities.

I did finally switch. I thought the room would be too small with a queen in there but by finding a frame/headboard that was just the size of the mattress instead of several inches all around, I managed.

@EcoApartments there are people who rent bedrooms separately sucessfully but I agree that I would be afraid of it being a big headache.


You can also set it up as three listings with them all lonked. That’s what I do. I also mention in the individual room listings that they can upgrade for guaranteed whole house privacy.

oh dear @Lynick4442 then most places in Europe would be off your radar, that’s what we have as standard over here :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m separated now but when we did travel in Europe we would get two twin beds. In my str I have a 4 poster king bed with a temperpedic mattress. I think that’s what gives me the 5 stars in my suite. People say that it’s better than a hotel mattress.

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Glad your guests enjoy it.

In my five star reviews guests mention lots of things, they love the hosting style, thoughtful touches like personal welcome boards, local fudge, personal tour of the area, great selection of teas and coffees, log fire, glass of wine or beer on arrival, quality bed, mattress, bathrobes and toiletries, being within easy walking distance of everything, powerful shower, great kitchen, quiet location.

I think what I am saying is it is rarely just one thing that gets a 5 star, it’s a combination of factors that lead to a five star experience and therefore review.


I agree, too many variables.

together with microfiber sheets would be absolute hell for me. So it takes all kinds.

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I love my temperpedic mattress with any sheets. Funny enough I slept in one while dog sitting and ended up buying one from the same place within a year because of that! Best sales method ever! Although I’m still waiting for mine to get just as “perfectly” comfortable as theirs that was like 5-10 years old! :wink:

Whole apartment rental would be more deseable. As for the beds, it depends on your location. If your area gets lots of families visiting, then one queen in one room for the parents and two twin beds for the kids. Otherwise, a queen in each bedroom would be ideal.

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If you are looking for suggest about beds etc then you should have to tell us what kind of guests do you expect? families? students? working ladies? The amount of furniture or beds will depend who is coming to use it.