How can I keep my mail private?


I live in my apartment with my AirBnB guests. I would like to keep my mail private.

One obvious solution would be a letter cage which I could lock. however, this would take up too much space at the narrow entrance to my front door.

I have seen a couple of letterbox bags. Only 1 is lockable (it has 2 zips). However, the reviews for it were terrible. (Amazon)

Does anyone have any solutions?

Thank you

I’ve had one that you fix internally over the letterbox, to stop the dogs eating my mail! We currently have an external one, fixed to the wall but takes up little space.

In the US, it is a federal crime for anyone to go into your mailbox and remove anything. What is your concern?

Privacy is my concern. I don’t need my guests knowing too much about me (companies often print their names on their letters here in the UK).

I also use my nickname for guests (as I do for colleagues and friends) but of course my post arrives under my legal name.

I can’t put a box outside my front door - I live in an apartment block with multiple apartments in inner London. It would bring too much attention to my door.

I need something internal, that doesn’t take up too much space.

Im not concerned about guests opening the mail - I’m pretty sure that’s unlikely. But still I resent the loss of privacy that will come with people being able just to see the name and often the sender on the envelopes.

Thank you

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@Mar you don’t tell your guests your real name? I find this a bit odd since so many hosts on this forum are so concerned about having the guests’ real names, locations, etc. Do you have guests that can’t find you on social media or google and cancel since they aren’t sure who you are?

As to a mailbox, how much individuality are you allowed in your apartment block? Some insist that you only use management-issued boxes, while some will allow some variation. In the states, there are some very tall-narrow boxes with small locks. Perhaps 6"x10". Obviously in the UK they would be shaped for your different-sized papers and envelopes.

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No, I don’t use my real name - I don’t like it and people can’t pronounce it anyway. I use my nickname for Facebook, etc. etc. Most of my friends only know me by this name. I am not bothered about my guest’s real names either.

Each apartment has it’s own letterbox which has been cut into the apartment door. Letters arrive and sit there on the mat, plain for anyone within the apartment to see.

I’ve seen this product on Amazon - but it has terrible reviews. Apparently it falls apart after a few months use:

Ah, you need to build/buy a box that attaches to the inside of the door with a small lock that catches the mail and keeps it out of view. I bet you could retrofit an existing box or build one out of wood that would work, assuming you are allowed to add brackets to the back of the door to attach the box. And the box needs to be big enough so larger items don’t get stuck halfway outside where they are viewable by people walking by.

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately the entryway just in front of the door is very narrow and I can’t afford much space for a letter box cage. I was therefore wondering if anyone had any alternative suggestions?

Could you post of picture of the entryway, in door open and closed positions? Might give some ideas.

I hope you get what I mean now!

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Here in the usa, there are stores that will rent you a mailbox. Or, you can rent one at your local post office. That way, nothing comes into your house ever.

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wouldn’t the guests not give a fig about different names from different senders? I get a few letters for old long gone lodgers, can’t imagine anyone flicking through the pile and getting excited.

Argos has aletterbox cage with good reviews, it doesn’t take up too much space. You do need to attach it with a screw.
Letterbox cage

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If it was just a bunch of junk mail, it wouldn’t bother me. I find my guests are very curious about things like what I do for a living etc.

Its very weird (to me) that a lot of the responses to this post are questions about my motive, rather than suggestions. All I want to do is have some privacy!

I have been hosting for 3 years. I have been a Superhost since I was first eligible. I have 182 reviews and an average star rating of 4.5.

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment and wish to continue with Airbnb hosting as it’s a great source of income and I enjoy it.

I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, just trying to show that I am not shady or dodgy or anything. I just don’t want guests seeing my post.