How can I get this messy reservation request out of limbo?

They made the request, and in the message they asked if they were getting the 10% discount for Non-refundable cancellation policy. From what I could see, the reservation request is forModerate.

I hesitate to approve, because if they are paying more than they thought they would, they will be annoyed.

I can’t see from my end what they would be paying? Is there anyway to see this?

If I decline, that affects my stats. But right now the dates are blocked in my calendar. I suggested the guest contact Air to be sure. Or, that she cancel request and start a new one.

Haven’t heard back from them.

They seem like fine guests and it would be a lucrative reservation, so I’m happy to approve it if they still want to come, but I dont’ want to be pushy with them either.
Sounds like they may be a little technologically challenged.

Not sure what to do.

I’d wait. The calendar is only blocked for a day and unless the reservation starts soon it’s not likely to prevent another booking. You already answered as best you could, now sit tight. In my experience you can’t do anything to get out of limbo.

Well, I contacted Air. It took a few back and forth messages before they grasped what the problem was. Once they did, they were surprisingly proactive and called both me and the guest and did a manual adjustment to make the request Non-refundable with 10% off. Booking confirmed.


I always like to hear a story about Airbnb being helpful.

Of course Airbnb will help when the alternative is no booking…

I had a situation once where the people were on the road on the way to my place and trying to book. I called Airbnb but they couldn’t or wouldn’t help. So I directed the guest to Rover where they booked boarding for their dog. Then they had my address and when they arrived they paid me cash directly. They were military, had plenty of ID, cash on hand, etc. It worked out great but that’s not an option everyone would feel good about. In the future when I have the website for the dog boarding business finished I’m hoping I’ll be able to sneak that past the Airbnb bots as well should the occasion arise.