How can I get paid cleaning fee in a different payment method

As a host, I need to get paid the cleaning fee in a different account. is it posible?

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Air is only going to send you one payment; it’s up to you to divide it out to others if you need to. Doing the accounting and making disbursements is part of your job as Host.

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Actually, AirBNB can make two payments, but they have only activated this for an “official” co-host situation. @KenH is correct that for your circumstances, one payment will be made and then the account holder would need to pay for the cleaner just like they pay any other vendor.

Ohh, what a pity.
Thanks @KenH and @anon67190644!

I think you can actually do this. Add the second payout method. I believe it lets’s you split payouts between multiple methods.

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@Brandt, I added a second payout method, but I only can split a percentage, not the cleaning fee account.
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Must not be possible,