How can i decline request for booking without hurting my rating

was working on my calendar and i unblocked a couple days for a friend and lowered the price for them and BAM! someone sent a request for booking. off course i explained the situation to them and i apologized for not booking but now what do i do with the request for booking ? I don’t want to decline as this does hurt my rating and I’m a fairly new host. i see one option to send a “special offer”. any ideas as to how to do this without hitting the button “DECLINE”. appreciate all your help and insight guys!

You have to decline if you can’t take the booking. It won’t hurt your rating.

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The longer you wait to decline, the longer that clock will keep on ticking - and that will lower your response time.

the only responses that count for a booking request are an accept or a decline. If it was just a regular inquiry then all you need to do is reply.


You can decline without penalty. But you must do so within 24 hours

Hello and thank you everyone for sharing your views. for those who asked, this was not only a question or inquiry. it was accompanied by a booking request to accept or decline. i did hit the button “special offer” instead in order to trick the system. and the person didn’t care. thnaks again.

In the future, you could keep your rates normal, and when your friend books extend them the “special offer” with the reduced rate.


thank you Sarah. i just learned something new.

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Foamy, the Special Offer is used for something else. For example to add something to the booking or change it in some way. If you need to add tax to the booking or something special like a pet deposit. If you don’t want the booking, the only option is to decline. Do it immediately so the guest can try to find something else.

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