How can I create two separate Airbnb profiles?

I have 4 apartments for rent operated by my holiday apartment company. In addittion I’m occasionally renting my own private apartment, sometimes a spare room, sometimes the whole apartment.

I’d really like to separate my pivate home from the apartments run by the company, as they are to completely different concepts and mixing reviews and income streams doesnt make sense at all.

For this reason I’d like to create two separate Airbnb profiles, how do I do that?

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Just start a new profile and use a different phone number and email.
And … :wink: I’ll gladly send you my the Airbnb coupon code for a few extra bucks when you host on your new profile.

You have to provide the validation - so if you upload the same drivers license twice, they will likely catch you and shut down one or both accounts.

I believe you can also be a business. Here is an example of a “host” that is a business with over 100 listings:

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I’ve read it’s not allowed to have two accounts?

Aha. I have the same dilemma, because 2 years ago I rented my own personal home when I went on vacation, and received only a 4 star review because my clothes were in the closet and my food in the refrigerator. (This awful guest still got an amazing price, left a cigarette stain in my WHITE expensive bed linens, when a house rule was “no smoking”, wore shoes in the house despite the no shoes rule, then had the nerve to leave me 4 stars!). ANYWAY- I now have just set up an Airbnb BUSINESS, and want my biz rentals to be completely diff than my personal travels AND 1 previous rental. WTD? Do they ask for a driver’s license from the business owner? Does it give me any benefit that I have a long–established Airbnb account w/a ton of 5 star reviews for my own STAYS, + one 4 star review for the previous rental, or would starting over from scratch be better anyway? I strive to have as many 5 star reviews as humanly possible. Also would like to have superhost status asap. WTD?!

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