How can I become a AirBnb manager?

Very recently out of work and looking for fresh opportunities. I am a sculptor and would love the time to work on my art.
How would I even begin to find AirBnb hosts looking for a property manager to greet guests, handle details etc? Any clues?
Thanks Gin

This would be better addressed on the Airbnb platform. You can research co-hosting in your area. What experience do you have if any with Airbnb?

It’s not set up in my area yet, I’ve added myself to the waitlist.

If you have the skills, time and experience then I would suggest approaching one of the many professional companies offering this service and/or putting your own listing on site like gumtree and Airtasker. Keep in mind, you are competing with some very professional, low cost businesses with snazzy websites and software that offer a lot of extras to hosts. They have seen this opportunity and jumped in early.

I do wish you the best of luck though and understand how hard it is to be out of work. I commend you for being positive, proactive and thinking of ways to overcome this life challenge.

I’ve registered in my area, to be a co-host but to be honest the hosts approaching me have no idea.

They often have cheap listing (room in a shared home), and want me to do all the management - guest inquiries, bookings, check in, reviews, manage cleaners and listing companies for 20%. They are new to Airbnb so little idea of the work involved.

When you are booking at 30 pounds a night if there is a one night stay that’s 6 pounds. (many stays around here are one or two nights). That’s below our minimum wage here for an hours work let alone the time it would take to do this and the rate I would want to be compensated.

I have had nine requests like this in a couple of months, so am looking at removing myself from being a co-host.

The sort of places that would make it worth my while (houses in expensive areas of the city) don’t seem to be using the co-hosting places where I live.

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That’s good to know, yes I can see for that price it would definitely not be worth your while. One night bookings are a nightmare. I don’t know how people do it.

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