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How can i avoid the guest leaving me a bad review on Wimdu?

The guest move out the second day after he was supposed to stay for a week, because i told him no guests and no loud Music. He didnt not file a complaint within 24hours, so i get to keep all the money. Now i am running the chance of having a bad review from him. what Can i do? is deleting the listing for a moment wouldn’t allow him to leave a review?

Thank you

So what if he leaves you a bad review? You enforced your house rules which he was breaking. I guess you have to decide which is more important to you: controlling your rental unit and enforcing the rules, or having good reviews. I would want option 1, as people will ALWAYS book if you have majority of good reviews, a fair price, a nice place. But if you don’t enforce your house rules, you might anger your neighbors and they will shut you down, so it won’t matter if you have one bad review.

I know that it’s hard to accept, but one bad review won’t put anyone out of business. What will hurt you is a string of bad reviews all saying the same thing.

Good luck to you, I hope it’s not too stressful.


@lasigone, can you reply to reviews on Wimdu? It’s a not brainer - they leave you a bad review - you say, very sweetly, “I’m sorry that my place wasn’t a good fit for you. I don’t allow loud music or allow strangers on the property out of respect for my neighbors. It is my belief that being a good neighbor is good for the sharing community”.


This is the AirBnb Host site, not the WIMDU site. Ask at the Wimdu Host site.

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first of all you have no right to force him to bring no guests back home. If he is a local lawyer, he can accuse you.
but suppose he is not a local lawyer and has no money or time for a lawyer, you can keep his money no problem…For the bad review you can just delete your account to get a new one. It is trouble but if you are afraid of trouble, you can never earn money. Don’t forget it is your home, your aim is to earn money but not let the guests manipulates you and abuseyour house

Oh please. A lot of us are listed on multiple sites and gladly discuss both sites here. It’s an equal opportunity host site. Heck you can even ask a FlipKey or Homeaway question if you are so inclined. :smile:

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