How can a guest upload a selfie?

I see that some guests have uploaded selfies, but I can’t find how to do that. I get a lot of requests from Airbnb newbies, with very little info in their bios and no reviews from other hosts, to rent my unit. Which is fine. We were all new at one point in time. So I ask them to upload as much info as possible into their bios, including government photo ID. I’d like to ask them to upload a selfie as well but, as I stated above…can’t find out how.

You can’t ask them to upload a selfie @GigiSuvari

However, you can tick the box on your listing to say you only accept guests who provide a photo.

Are we forbidden by Airbnb to ask them to upload a selfie? They can say no of course, but is asking them verboten?

Sorry badly phrased. You can ask, but you can’t make it a condition as there are other ways they can upload an image ie from their social media.

Much better to tick the box on your listing to only accept guests with a photo @GigiSuvari

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Thanks for the clarification. I have that box ticked. I have lots of boxes ticked - reviews from other hosts, an introductory message, etc., but no one reads and even though the boxes are ticked, the unqualified guest requests keep coming. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been fully booked for months, but I spend an inordinate amount of time vetting prospective guests. Despite the fact that I have all of the responses saved and ready to go…there are so many questions. :slight_smile: I’ve had several people lash out as well, telling me that I “expect way too much” from people, and that it’s “an invasion of privacy…and might be illegal” to ask people to tell me the name of the person they’ll be travelling with and the reason for their visit to my city.

Wow you have some strange guests @GigiSuvari I’ve never had a guest question why I ask for the names of those coming with them or reasons for their visit.

Can I just check are you saying even if you have the box ticked to say you require a guest photo, you still have guests booking without one. If so, it sounds like something is wrong and you probably need to call Airbnb.

If you are fully booked months in advance it sounds like your pricing might be too cheap, have you looked at what comparable properties are charging.


My house is located in a large city and is in a great neighborhood which is very desirable. My prices are on par with the other listings in my area. We have a basement apartment but it was renovated with the plan of us living there one day when we retire, so it’s above and beyond the best unit in the area.

Regarding the boxes that I’ve ticked, it states that I require reviews from previous hosts and government photo ID, but that doesn’t prevent people from sending me questions re: reservation requests. When I respond to their request I let them know about my requirements. If they don’t have any reviews from hosts, that’s when I ask them to upload as much info into their profile as possible.

Ah okay, then if you want guests to have upload a profile photo you need to tick the separate box for this @GigiSuvari as it sounds you aren’t currently doing this.

If you have an upmarket property in an upmarket area and you are fully booked, then I would definitely look at increasing your prices and see what happens.


@Helsi As I’ve stated already, I’ve ticked all the boxes. And I have increased my prices. Still busy. :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean about the profile photo. Like you said, anyone can make a reservation request without meeting IB requirements. Also, with the new Airbnb setup, you won’t see that photo until the booking is confirmed.

If someone can’t navigate profile settings to figure it out I’d direct them to CS. This is why we’re paying them 15%, right?

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The selfie is different than the profile photo. I’m not sure if there is a box to tick to require that or not. I think it is something to check out specifically in the help section since I don’t worry about it personally so am not knowledgeable on it.

Wow @GigiSuvari

I was just trying to help. What you actually said was

You didn’t mention you had ticked the additional box for guest photos.

I will leave you to it :slight_smile:


@Helsi Actually I did mention it. Perhaps you missed it? You said:

To which I replied:

Anyway, thanks for your replies.