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How big should your welcome pack be and what should be in it?


Im new to Air BnB hosting and i want to create the perfect welcome pack for my future guests.
I dont want to over-stuff it as Im sure people wont read it then.
Equally, I dont want to leave out touristy stuff that the guests may enjoy.

any advice please?


Hi Firdaus

I think the most thing with a welcome pack is local information - a few restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, transport and taxi numbers as well as Wifi code, house rules. A map of your location in relation to all these things is also really handy. You could also include emergency numbers as well.

I wouldn’t get bogged down with all the touristy information you can get your hands on as your pack with become huge. Maybe a few leaflets or website suggestions of said tourist attractions instead, as each guest has different set interests and you can’t please everyone.

Little tip bits are also really good - for instance, late night openings of museums, art galleries etc. The best time to visit what and where, maybe your favourite places to visit and eat.

And finally, present the document in a clear way, make use of bullet points and space everything out! The last thing someone is going to read is a huge block of text and add a bit of colour as well.

I hope that helps!


Good Morning Firdaus

Those who like to read will read it all - most won’t. You are right that most don’t. I have important things listed and then framed in a pretty frame. I hand it to them when they check in and explain that it is important. I think open the book with directions to local restaurants and bus schedules and point out the important items.

Get brochures from the top sites; my guests add to the stack as they return from visiting the spots and I bet your guests will, too. Weed it out every few weeks…

Do you live in an area where someone has produced a book with the important tourist info? Smithsonian produced one that has everything in about 4 languages, so that sits in the guest room.

When emailing after a booking confirmation I cut-and-paste a response that I have in Word that lists the popular sites and how to get tickets for them, and also the Metro and Smithsonian website.

I’ve found the tour-bus companies have the best maps.

Good luck with your hosting!!


I have mine in a 2-inch 3-ring binder since that is what I have laying around the house. I have about 3 pages of house rules and info about how to use everything in the house, and the rest I’d brochures and bus schedules I grab from hotels and tourist kiosks. I tell my guests they can keep the brochures. I keep them in binder sheets like kids use for school projects.


I have a guest house manual that is only a few sheets with wifi code, house rules and important information about the TV. With the wifi page I also link to a pinterest account where I promote my area and what to do which gives them all the tourist things to do.

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