How bad a review do you leave

I’ve been hosting for about year and I know this is a beginners question. How bad a review do you leave? This person had a late check out - no problem - for a 7 pm flight. I go the apt and at 730 she is still there -"oh my flight has changed . When she left, ruined a set of sheets and pillow case with makeup, didnt clean her dishes ( that’s ok - it just added to the mess). Didn’t use a garbage bag in the pail (they’er right there) so it is disgusting now. papers on the floor. Also helped her self to one four good cedar hangers. She was only there two nights! food splattered on the wall. So Nice person, yes. Abusive of my goodwill yes slob yes. I know there is no sense in an over the top reply but I also think other hosts should now this is not a good guest. Thanks in advance.

My reviews start with - do I want them back? If I don’t then no one would!


Ruined or dirtied? I think you can get them clean.

Anyway “nice” is not one of the categories. Thumbs down, 2 stars on cleanliness, 2 stars on rules and I’d guess not higher than 4 stars on communication but maybe worse.

Review should be short, to the point and clear, no code words. Wait the full 14 days or until she reviews you.

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Remember that the review is for US - potential hosts. It’s not there for the egos of the guests. Be honest. Make sure that you list the problems. Some hosts will care about some, others won’t. But PLEASE be honest!

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I agree with deb, if i want the guest back I leave a positive or neutral review. If i never want the guest back I leave a negative review.

What Jaquo said – Reviews are for us, not to stroke a guest ego – or demolish it.

Be factual. I’d say: Guest left my place a dirty mess including food splattered on a wall, makeup on the sheets, dirty dishes, didn’t bother to use garbage bags, and more. Also did not check out on time. Cannot recommend that you host this person.


Oh yah…@KenH ~ you’re gettin’ good at this!

Make sure you wait the full 14 days after to review. Please be honest!

Why does it matter to wait the full 14 days? I was notified she already left a review.

Thank you Ken H this sounds about right!

Have you challenged her about the cedar hangers and her preferred method to replace them…?

In that case, no need to wait.

The only thing that really matters is the thumbs down.

If the text is really bad and they want to continue using ABB no doubt they would use another account.