How Airbnb encourages guests to seek a refund

I booked a stay in Turkey using my SuperHost coupon. Once I got within the non-cancellable period, I cancelled it.

To my surprised, Airbnb shows me this icon after I cancelled it. I’m not eligible for a refund, but they make it so easy for guests to ask for a refund.

It seems to me that they spend all their time trying to figure out how to screw hosts. I am astonished.


And in case you aren’t aware, if you cancelled your visit during the period of getting a refund with host that had a moderate or flexible refund, (not sure about the free 48 hours) you would have lost the value of your superhost coupon.

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Not just moderate or flexible- you lose the Superhost coupon value when you cancel under any cancellation policy.

HI Muddy,

That wasn’t what I was trying to communicate . What I meant was that wasn’t sure if it also got eliminated during the 48 hour free cancellation period. Do you know?

(FYI - I’m staying in an Airbnb right now where I used the coupon and had to reschedule the dates and the host was kind enough to let me. (I"m not sure if I would have. but when I moved the dates and the host accepted, the coupon value moved too.

As far as I’m aware you lose the Superhost coupon if you cancel, regardless of whether it’s in the first 48 hrs or not.