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Housekeeping App - Properly


A friend made me aware of a housekeeping app called PROPERLY . I typed it in caps to show clearly that the second last letter is an L, not a T.

Has anybody had any experience of this app or similar?


If it doesn’t dust, clean the bathroom and make the bed, what good is it?


I use turnoverbnb but I think a lot of folks in my locale use and like Properly. It just seemed complicated and I didn’t want to pay.


How about a bed that makes itself!


I used it once but didn’t have a great experience. I put out an offer for a certain rate and described my requirements, included pics etc. I had someone accept right away and we messaged a bit to confirm the appointment details. The day she was supposed to clean, she contacted me to tell me that the rate would be higher than what she’d agreed to and that she was going to be late which is a HUGE no-no for me since I am often back to back, Needless to say I cancelled her appointment and deleted the app.

I’m not saying its a bad app, I didn’t spend much time on it and I’m sure there are more professional cleaners on there. All I can say is one bad experience really soured me on using it.


Made my day … if not my bed Mike.

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