House swap anyone?

We own a double storey country cottage in Tawonga Victoria and wondered if anyone would be interested in swapping houses for a week later in year?
No payments required

Oh yes please!

This is our studio apartment in Spain, interested?



Why not post of one of the FB host swap groups which have been set up for this purpose @Jadey91421

Oh John dammit it I wanted to stay there…let me have it pretty please…by the way I am coming out to Spain in March…can’t wait.

When and where?? We need to prepare the fiesta (except I’m in Cape Town for most of March …)

…and I’m in the UK!


I am flying into Murcia, not actually sure where I am going my cousin has just bought a house at there. Just know it’s about 30 mins from the airport. @Malagachica :slight_smile: Going over for St Patrick’s so about ten days mid March.

Ok, so we won’t see you then.

Some mate you are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On the other hand, I have heard that gin stocks are down this year in Andalucia, so maybe not a bad idea you stick with the Murcians. Forecast for that week, over there, is rain. Lots of it and not only in the plain.



Well you’ll just have to invite us out on another occasion and introduce us to a bottle or two :slight_smile:

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