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House Rules: What is the specific definition of "not child-friendly"

I’m a first-timer and am looking at places and am confused by “not child-friendly” under house rules.

Does “not child-friendly” mean children 0-12 are not allowed or they won’t have fun?

It could mean different things to different hosts so you’d probably have to ask them Here it means I board dogs in my home. I know my dogs are good with kids but I don’t know about anyone else’s dogs. Not a chance I want to take.

Great. Thank you for the tip. I will reach out to the individuals.

Locks on lower kitchen cabinets, guards on Windows above ground level, no sharp edged furniture or glass knickknack st hat can break, furniture attached to walls so it can’t tip, minimum distance between stair railings, covers in all electric outlets etc, etc. if you claim to be child friendly check your local laws or you could be seriously liable, we do not allow children under age 12.

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Here it means that we believe that the place could be dangerous for small children. There is a balcony for one thing and for another, the property is waterfront and there is no fencing between the garden and the water.

Also there is only one double bed. We would take an older child (a ten year old travelling with her mother for example) but it would be on a case-by-case basis.

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It seems to me that if an option is this open to interpretation it is not effective. Glad I asked.


Here it means that the pool is 6 feet from the door to the cabana and we don’t want your kid drowning. Also we love dogs but don’t want dog smell (or worse) in our rental. In the description I state explicitly NO CHILDREN. NO PETS.

People who ask if it’s OK to bring two year old Billy or 12 lb Fluffy get my straight forward response “What part of NO CHILDREN (or pets) did you not understand?”


Here it means I advertise as “kid-friendly” only because I will accept your children. You can decide if my place is safe for your child. The Airbnb rep. I spoke to said it only means you allow them, not that the place caters to kids. This is what is at the end of my listing:

“Please acknowledge you have read this (when booking) if you have children: Airbnb’s definition of “infant-friendly” and “child - friendly” only means that we allow the little ones. The cabin is not child proofed and does not cater to children, nor does it provide baby gear.”

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Can you spell lawsuit?

You know I cannot even recall if by default “family kid-friendly” was added to my amenties because I did not check off “not infant friendly” or the other one not allowing a child under a specific age. I think it might have been added by default. Not sure.

I didn’t want to select no children allowed because of course they are allowed. But I am most defnitely not what the majority of the public (at least Americans) would define as child-friendly…sigh…

It means the owner does NOT want the kid(s). Look elsewhere.


I agree.

Sadly, though, if people aren’t looking for “kid friendly” in their search, it won’t be an impediment. I think Airbnb guests assume “kid friendly” means coloring books and toys and cribs and whatnot. Which is NOT the case. I had a guest assume I had a pack n play available (I don’t have kids so I don’t even know what that is) because I checked kid friendly. That was the end of that romance,


This option needs a lot of work.
Mainly, we should be able to set the age range, not have to fit in with 0-2 or 2-12.
I had a looker that wanted to bring 3 toddlers and 2 infants, this was part of my reply:

Our house is not set up to accommodate children. Some of the safety issues I see with this are as follows:
There are no safety latches on any of the cupboards or drawers. (cleaning products in laundry, kitchen utensils including sharp items in kitchen drawers)
There are no high chairs or cots.
The pantry has shelving that could be climbed by a toddler.
There are 4 bar stools that a child could climb on and tip over. (All floors except bedrooms are tiles so not a soft landing!)
The TV cabinet could be climbed on and the tv knocked over.
There are safety latches on the pool gates but it is still a large pool that would require strict supervision with 3 toddlers around.

I guess I scared them off suitably as they never replied, but I got this message from Airbnb:
Update from Airbnb: XXX XXX no longer needs accommodation for these dates.
Yay :grin:

Anyway, for me it’s not worth the risk, mess, hassle, noise.
I’ve now put this at the top of my rules:

•The maximum occupancy of the house is 6 people (including children)
•We welcome families with children aged 6yrs and above. (Strict supervision/behaviour control of children is required at all times, especially in the pool area.)

…and this in the Summary section of my Description:
We welcome singles, couples, groups and families with children aged 6yrs and above.

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