House rules in other languages

The description of listing can be put in different languages by us hosts.
I can’t find this option for the house rules. Doesn’t this possibility exist?
Knowing how bad automatic translations are, why can’t I write the house rules in different languages?

I could put the different languages one after another, but knowing how good guests are at reading until the end, this doesn’t seem to be a good option.

Why not pay someone local who speaks the common languages of your guests to translate them. You can then message your guests with them and ask them to message back to confirm they are happy with them.

@Helsi, I guess I explained badly: The translation isn’t the problem, I myself can translate to 6 Western European languages, which I consider sufficient :relaxed:. The problem is that the AirBnB website doesn’t seem to offer the possibility to put the house rules in different languages.
Where as I myself can put the description in different languages (“Add language”), this doesn’t apply to the house rules. Or am I missing anything?

As for sending my house rules: I do not want to be that “in the face” with my house rules. Whenever I “highlight” one of the rules to the guest before booking, they never book in the end.

Does anyone want to add something? :blush:
(This is just a pitiful atempt to keep my own topic alive :disappointed_relieved:)

Agreed. There is no need to stick the “house rules” into the face of potential guests before they make a booking.

For example, I have only one major rule “no arrival after 10 pm”. Period. So what happened this week, a guest actually read this rule before making a booking. So he went on to ask for an exemption, and I told him “fine, you may check-in up to 11 pm”. He then went on to ask if I could make this 11.30 pm. I told him “no”.

It ended up with him not making a booking, after all, but being very cross at me since he had to go find a hotel at 11 pm. It was a last-minute booking attempt. He went on to grossly insult me for cancelling my pre-aproval, continuing the next morning when he woke up in his expensive hotel bed.

To cut a long story short: never haggle with a potential guest before he makes a booking. And never attempt to argue about house rules. It will simply end with everybody being unhappy. Simply have your house rules stated somewhere on the site, and stick to them.

There is a way to add your own house rules in multiple languages. It is a bit tricky though.

  1. While in Manage “Listings” select your listing to edit, then press the “View listing” link in the upper part of the screen, this opens a new window/tab with the listing in the original language (e.g. English). Scroll to the VERY bottom of this page, and change the language in the drop-down list to the language of your choice (e.g. French).

  2. This will switch the entire AirBnB site to that language (e.g. French). Now start again and edit the listing: Manage Listings > Select listing > Booking > House rules, and here you can add the house rules in this new language. I have tested this and it appears to work for me for at least 2 languages.

After all this you would probably want to switch back to your original language, as per point 1 above.

Good luck!

I’ll try that. Right now I write them underneath “Other things to note”, I add Reglas de la casa (en español)

But your system would be ideal.

I think I am missing something: Suppose I started of with English. If I follow your steps and put the site in French, my rules still show up (in English). What do I do at this point? Just delete the English and write the rules in French?
I didn’t try it, but I guess if I do that, that my rules will just be in French even if I put the site back to English.

Where am I going wrong?

Yes, originally it shows the English text, but when it is replaced by a French text it will take that one when guest look at the listing in French.

I have tried it but it simply overwrites the existing rules.

I think the selection in the lower right corner is for the user (host) interface only.