House rules broken-room rental

I had a lovely couple arrive last night that will be here for 4 days. As I live in the desert, I provide a portable AC unit so the guest may enjoy a cooler environment than what my central air provides. I have listed in my house rules that I reserve the right to enter and shut it off if the guest leaves it running while away. The House Rules also state that all windows and doors must be locked upon departure, including the bathroom window. The guests left to go sight-seeing about 4 hours ago and left the AC running and failed to close the bathroom window. As much as I hate to, I entered, shut off the air and locked the window.

Should I remind them of the house rules on the Airbnb platform? I don’t want to alienate them or make them feel uncomfortable by doing this, but want them to understand the issues. Thanks for the advice

No. It was enough that you entered and turned it off. If you have to keep doing it though, I would mention it briefly in a review.