House Manual Template

Does anyone have a recommendation for a free word template for house manual?

House manuals have been discussed quite a few times on here. More around what to include and guest books you can buy.

Why not use the search function here to bring them up?

I just used a word document to create mine and imported some graphics and photos.

Because every place is different, I’m wondering how a standard template would help.

Anyway, I just wrote mine up on a word doc and made a PDF out of it.


Ditto Word doc with pics and clip art, particularly lots of pics of various parts of my fancy ventless washer/dryer and many red arrows pointing out what buttons to push and which knobs to turn.

I think what @Ben_Hooper is trying to say that he’d love to SEE how this actual looks so he can have a visual guide on how to do it. Maybe you could upload yours?

Key headings i.e. a template have already been shared in other threads on this subject which I have already directed @Ben_Hooper to.

I am not happy sharing my house guide in a public space, but why not share yours with him @Oded if you feel that would be helpful?

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It’s not rocket science. Just write up some house guidelines, contact info, directions, basic sightseeing tips, etc and call it done.

Putting on my moderator cap, we will remove any post that has personal, identifiable information. Although links to your listing are okay.

Because I don’t have one @Helsi.

I use whatever Airbnb offers. It’s fairly simple and short House Manual with access codes, how to operate Jacuzzi, sound system and instructions on A/C & parking.

I did a word doc but would like to try something a little more professional.

These guys have a welcome guide template file that is in Google Docs that can be edited directly. - it comes complete with images and demo text!