House Manual for Guests

We are hosts but not guests: how can I direct guests to it? Thank you.

the details in the House Manual section are included in the guests itinerary, so you only have to direct them to their itinerary to see the details.

I hope that helps!

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I’m not sure that I fully understand the question?

I actually decided to make a binder form house manual. I use those plastic sheet protectors and slide sheets in. It’s nice to have a hard copy form for once guests arrive.

Yeah, I’m with Sarah. We have a 3-ring binder “House Manual” which includes local restaurants we like, local attractions, WiFi code, House Rules (recycling, swimming pool, etc.), instructions for the new TV on how to use it for commercial TV versus Netflix/HBOGo (two different remote controls). We also have lots of flyers for local attractions, beaches, botanic gardens, farmer’s markets, etc.

Guests are shown the contents of the book when we check them in.

On a particular shelf we have coupons which can change weekly for various restaurants, shops, etc.

I have one, too. It is not the Airbnb one. I made my own. We have discussed this here before, too. Mine is on Google Drive and I actually send the PDF link to users when they don’t book through VRBO and directly.

Hi, @CatskillsGrrl CatskillsGrrl, thank for your input.

Just a tidbit on behalf of new users? This forum has literally thousands of threads and responses. I know it can be annoying to see the same topics reopened again and again, but not all of us have the time and energy to weed through everything. Via con dios.

You can Search. Like you do Google. And I am telling you so you can find yet more information on the topic than may be offered on this thread.

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I asked the question because a guest was standing on my deck asking me. We’re hosts but do not have an Airbnb guest account and I had no idea what that interface looked luck. Luckily, the guest showed me once I got the response from the Forum member. Now I am simply reminding guests in their welcome email that it’s there for them to access.

And you’re absolutely right, I could have done a google search. I am pretty sure I found this Forum when looking for answers from Airbnb I couldn’t find. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t tell you to google search. I told you you can search this forum. There is a search feature. There are lots of nuggets to be gleaned regarding guest manuals when you have the time.

I stand corrected.

Have a great day!

I do a PDF document with direction, house guidelines and a ton of friendly info. I email this to guests upon confirmation, along with the amount of tax I must collect in person upon arrival. This PDF is long and a portion of it is also included in the online version. I suggest guests read it during the long plane ride over. Amazingly most guests read it from start to finish because they always know the name of the animals when they get here. :smile:

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thanks, @sherylchiao - I’m going to try this AND now I have something fun to play with while we wait for the staggering afternoon heat to pass!

I’ll let you know how it goes - has to be easier than typing out my own!