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"House guests are like fish: they stink after a few days." Thoughts?

I have a rule in my listings: I don’t accept reservations for more than 14 days. I feel like the longer they stay, the less they are inclined to “enjoy” the stay, and the more they are inclined to complain or see things that they deem “wrong” with a place, even though they were privy to it upon booking.

Anyone else had this same problem? And what to do you do to get in front of it, so to speak?

I should say that I will never accept one again, but I’m in the thick of one right now. I rent “whole house” listings, so the problem is not with me, but of other factors I can’t control.

I live by the “after 3 days they smell” for free guests (friends visiting).

With arbnb tenants, I would just stay under the 28-30 days your city uses as a rule for people to acquire tenant’s rights. I don’t accept stays under a few days-- I don’t do one nighters. Too much risk for me and they’d have my house key for a cheap price.

Too short a stay and I have 30 people for one night each a month and have a greater chance of some generally whiny person staying. One person for a few months stay I think would easily start complaining about things-- 14 days can still be a “honeymoon period” for a lot of people. If I was a guest somewhere for, say, 3 weeks, that’s short enough I wouldn’t care if the place was a little too hot/cold, dirty, etc.

I would prefer an ideal airbnb tenant who stays 28 days than 10 airbnb tenants who each stay a few nights.

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I don’t need to care about they ideas, human are never satisfied, no matter one day or 14 days…Sometimes they complain not really you, but that they don’t have enough money to go to a five star hotel. Don’t try to be perfect, you are just doing airbnb but not 5 star hotel.

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My father lives by that motto - guests are like fish - and I plan my trips to visit him accordingly, lol!

I share my home, and I’ve also found that, after a few days, the bumps can ease out a bit as my family and their’s become accustomed to each other. On the other hand, I can’t count the number of times I’ve rolled my eyes can counted the days…

A frequent activity of longtime hosts!!! LOL

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The longest I have had have been 5 days, and everyday they are out all day. I don’t rent out more then 14 days at a time to make sure of tenant’s rights.

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