House for rent-do's and dont's

Hi folks, my husband and I have recently started a home renovation. We added an outside stair to the 2nd storey of my home. Actually, we did it thinking of giving the upper floor for rent. The windows and doors are too old that I replaced it with fiber doors and casement windows. The hall has been renovated by placing brand new furniture. There is a kitchen on the 1st floor and it was not having enough storage cabins which we had it done later. As there was nobody to use the first floor, bathroom fittings were totally outdated and damaged. I went for some blogs for help. I found this helpful. [ ] The faucets were leaking and the floor tiles were all damaged. Before renting, the house should be made a liveable place right? We initially painted the 1st floor. There are 2 bathrooms and we painted both. The whole floor tiles in the bathroom are replaced. In addition to the vanity organizers, a mirror, trickle trays, the shower organizers and the soap and shampoo dispensers, the master bathroom has been provided with a medicine cabinet also. Is there anything more to look, before I hand over the keys?

“Before renting, the house should be made a liveable place right?”

You must be kidding, right? OF COURSE THE HOUSE SHOULD BE MADE A LIVEABLE PLACE!!! The whole house, not just one floor or the other.


Your question is disjointed. Just what are you asking? Are you planning to rent all or part of it on Air?

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