Hotel supplier rec’s for bulk linen+ towels?

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I know it’s a strange time for many of us right now. We are switching to hosting long term guests and I’m trying to find a recommended hotel supplier (who sells to Airbnb hosts) for bulk linens and towels. Anyone have a recommended website/source plus suggested products from them you’ve tried out that are bleach friendly and a good balance of price+quality?
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Long term guests now expect linens and towels?

I find Costco hard to beat on selection and price.


These guys are all-around awesome.

Yes, if it’s a furnished unit, they are expecting linens as well. We have plenty, so no trouble for us. I give them 2 sets of bed linens and 6-8 of each sized towel. They launder them themselves during their stay.


Thank you! Yup, we also have a fully furnished and appointed vacation home with new minimum stay requirements, and will be providing extra towels + linens. We decided it’s time to purchase more sets! Unfortunately we’re not Costco members as there’s none close-by but thanks for the recommendation.

Ditto. I bought Costco’s bulk white towels and they’ve been amazing. Not too thick (think drying anything anywhere in the tropics…), and not painful if they go into the rag bag. I also bought black face towels that say “makeup” on them on Amazon and my guests have loved them.

Am looking for a LTR roommate situation now. Not sure I want to open up to random people at this point in a shared home. We’ll see.

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I don’t really understand how it’s any safer to have a LT roommate in a shared home situation than a STR. If they are going out and about without taking proper precautions, which you’d have no way of verifying unless you surreptitiously followed them around all day, they could potentially introduce the virus to your home every time they returned.


I completely agree with you.

You can also order from and have it delivered to the door. My towels are from Costco, since it’s only 2 miles away, but my sheets are Amazon Basics. I may try other sheets as these first ones wear.

IMHO a Costco membership is worth it if you can drive there once a month or so to stock up. The savings on cheese and plonk wines alone make my annual membership fee worthwhile.

A Costco membership is completely risk free. If you get one and don’t feel it’s good value you can get a refund.

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Having gone to school in Troy I was surprised that you are correct, there are no Costcos near you, none in Albany, none in Poughkeepsie. They are everywhere in the West, I guess because of having started there.

What I can add positively about Costco, aside from their return policy and their VERY clean stores, is how they treat their employees. It really makes a difference shopping somewhere that employees feel valued.


We have the smallest Costco in the US (but we’re only 3 barge days away from Kirkland HQ) and it’s a small town but a regional shopping hub. I appreciate their must-mask policy and senior early entry. I miss the samples, and the folks from our local disability organization who worked as demonstrators.

Every Costco employee I know has been happy working there. They feel appreciated by their employer AND by their customers.


I like dealing with Westjet when I fly for this reason as well. Westjet employees have shares in the company, so it makes them more careful about treating their customers well and Ithink they have good working conditions. When you call them, you actually don’t ever have a long “on hold” wait like you do with a lot of airlines, they’re always polite and helpful and understanding. I usually fly with them between Mexico and Canada, but once I booked an Air Canada flight because it was super cheap- never again- they were awful to deal with. Rather pay a few dollars more and get good service.

i use national hospitality supply, and get their euro brand towels. good prices, good towels

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