Hot water tank limitations

Hi guys,

I just got my first complaint regarding unsufficiant hot water. I have been hosting for two years +.
They stayed four people in one of the units, and they all showered in a row, resulting in emptying the hot water tank.
I have now changed the maximum number of occupancy from four adult to two adults and two children, and I have put this text in the listing:
"Hot water tank contains 120 liter/ 32 gallons. This is sufficient for atleast two normal length showers.
Otherwise the tank needs two hours to reheat."
Is the grammar correct? :slight_smile:
And should I add something to it, or change something?

Perhaps your profits from your property can pay for a bigger tank. That will solve the problem of not providing enough hot water for the amount of guests staying there, and shield you for bad reviews.

If you provide space for 4 people, then you need to provide the other amenities as well for the amount of people expected.

Hi @BandB

For your wording consideration:
The 120 liter / 32 gallon hot water tank, is easily sufficient for two showers. The tank requires two hours to reheat. To accommodate more than 2 showers, use of water conservation is required (water on for initial soak, water off, lather, water on for rinse).

If this is your first complaint, I wouldn’t change your listing.

Also if you don’t have a water saver shower-head, you may wish to consider a change.

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There is no room for a bigger tank. It sits under the kitchen sink, so space is limited already.
And yes, that is why I have changed the total number of occupants from four to two. We want to welcome children, so we will still allow them.
There should not be a problem as long as it is informed in the listing, right?
All other amenities are provided for.

Thank you. Much appreciated!
I do suspect some of our guests do take long showers, so I am actually glad the hot water tank do not contain more. Electricity bills would go sky high otherwise.
Some houses/buildings have unlimited hot water supply, so some guests might think we also do have so.

Just a shower, no tub.
Thank you for the input. I think it is best to let the guests be aware of the limitations before they book?

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@BandB – how expensive are “point source” water heaters where you live? The kind that heat the water as it is on the way to the shower head… That could be a solution.

Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters would be the way to go very small.

Any chance you could install an electric shower? I have one in my loft room and it is brilliant. Instant hot water when required. I am guessing that the 2 shower limit is taking into consideration people doing dishes etc, which will also drain your tank.