Hosts with saunas sound-off

It’s freezing in the northeast and all I want is a hot sauna. Wondering for those folks who have a sauna available to guests- do you allow unlimited sauna use included in nightly rate? Or do you charge/schedule time?

Further background: We have an Airbnb on our property, it’s our guesthouse that’s available inbetween hosting family and friends. So we figure getting a sauna next season would be a bonus for us and secure more winter bookings. Win-win :slight_smile:

Probably not gonna get many responses on sauna. I don’t know that they are that popular. Hot tubs now…

How are sauna sanitized/cleaned? Is the heating/steaming system enclosed, or are we talking a bucket of water and hot rocks on an open fire? I would think there are safety issues which need to be addressed. Certainly age issues – you wouldn’t want non-adults using a sauna and being injured.

Ah it’s the best way to deal with harsh winters! Just ask any Scandinavian friend :slight_smile: And yup, cleaning is pretty straight forward with a quick scrub. Heating is enclosed but we’d have folks sign a waiver just to be extra cautious.

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We just stayed at a listing in Quebec that had a sauna. There were no rules about time of day or how long it could be used. There were rules about being quiet while using it: no loud laughing (I suppose while rolling in the snow?) after 8 pm. My sons-in-law rolled in the snow – and the toddlers and I laughed – at 7:14 pm, so all was well.
Unlimited sauna use was included in the nightly rate. The sauna wasn’t make-or-break with us as guests, but it was nice.


Saunas are very popular in this region. Hot tubs less so.

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bumping an older thread. We’ve just installed a sauna (wintertime here in aussieland), and all up it’s cost us close to $20k. (this included an extra 4K in electrical costs cos we had to run a new line to a different power box some 100m away off a different building as the house box was “full”).

We are charging for it. $25 per session, the sauna holds 4 people (though you’d want to be friendly cos that would be squishy). It’s a lovely barrel cedar sauna. The main reason I’m charging is to make guests commit to a schedule. I also have an Instagram offer where if they like/follow they get a free sauna session, and the one person who did this also behaved poorly (they are vanlife people, go figure) and didn’t use the sauna until 40mins after their allocated time. So it sat heating up for that time, which I pay for. We provide robes, towels and slippers, and we’ve also installed an outdoor hot shower too. $25 per use is not going to pay off the sauna anytime soon but I’m mostly doing it as a commitment thing.

Apart from that, we personally are LOVING the sauna, and I’ve even been brave enough to do a cold plunge in the pool.


Many of my guests like the saunas. We have two, and they are right by the pool. They are part of the project my apartments are on, so they are included in the rate. At first, i didn’t think many people would use them being in a hot country but it seems lots do when i ask them,
I did manage to squeeze it into my title I don’t think you can search AirBnB for a sauna,
They can come out of the sauna and jump in the pool,