Hosts updating their ID

I just got a message through my listing that I needed to submit a new photo to update my verification. For background, I’m a 7 year superhost with one listing, in home private room and bath.

I guess that’s a good thing, maybe means they are trying to verify all hosts and guests. I’ve been an IB host for a long time and am concerned about the new IB settings and the removal of government ID and the pre-booking message. If they are truly verifying everyone now I maybe feel a little better? Anyone else?


I’ve never trusted their verification process in any of my 10 years in Airbnb. People can fake just about everything, even a few positive reviews. I take a risk every time with my homeshare, but so far my gut has not let me down.


I purposely created a fake account a few years ago to see how easy it would be to create it and I was successful. I shut down the account but I think anyone with a strong understanding of technology has that ability.

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