Hosts need to start leaving honest reviews!

That is strange that Airbnb removed your reviews if you didn’t break the content rules. Have you asked them why they removed your reviews. They don’t normally do this, regardless of whether they might remove a guest review.

They just tell me that if they remove the guest’s review, they have to remove mine. Been told this 3 different times, at least.

The review system is deeply flawed, best thing you do is thumbs down and then that stops some of them, low ratings and something innocuous but telling for a review, best suited for a hotel is I believe commonly understood, could be anything really that does not breach ABB rules.

Good job lady some of there guest are really something else. I’m a super host im Fl with an entire place and on tues I had someone check it at 2am knowing it was self check in and she actually called Airbnb and said I’m nowhere to be found then she told Airbnb she decided to go rent a hotel and demanded a refund her only problem was that I have a nest cam outside and it cleary showed her checking out at 10am. I’ve never had a bad experience with Airbnb but I’m starting to think staying away from the older folks might work better for me they younger generation appreciates the savings and don’t bother me for meaningless things. My advice to you would be u did a great job standing ur ground don’t let one miserable lady effect ur mindset when it comes to Airbnb because at the end of the day she was probably jealous of you your house and ur family and she’s just a bitter women a true hater would act like that.


what age would that be, exactly?


I’m not sure what age but it always seems older guest bother me for the dumbest things. Like one time this lady was complaining that I didn’t have a big enough sauce pan available or she noticed some dust on a shelf that was 7 feet high in a closet. I was like lady who comes to south Florida for vacation looking to cool sauce. If ur not happy pack ur bags.

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Some older people, like me, also appreciate words spelled out in their entirety and correct grammar. I suspect I would be too picky to stay at your place. But I’m actually a good guest that does not complain about a little dust. I do cook sometimes no matter where I go on vacation, as long as I have permission from the host.


It would be wise to remember that you will be older one day.


If you are lucky!



Imagine that. I just stayed in Levi, Finland, near the Arctic Circle, and we dared to want to cook spaghetti sauce ourselves. The nerve!!!


I kicked out a couple, arrived miserable because they got lost and had no phone. They had a domestic, she started saying the heating wasn’t on leaving me awful messages. I called airbnb and had second night cancelled. I left a scathing review but unfortunately her review is now at the top of my other 144 fantastic ones. You cant win! No way i will put up with a miserable cow, her husband wanted to kill her, and i very nearly called the police.


How do you guys get Airbnb to cancel reservations without penalty or remove reviews?
I tried once without success.

They will if the circumstance is right and if it’s your first time.i did it on a double booking once.

Not fair to hotels? Lol

Yea, I didn’t understand that coment either.

I had a girl not follow directions on how to get to my place. GPS always seems to take people the wrong way, so I give very detailed directions prior to their arrival. I always tell guests DO Not follow GPS. Anyway, this girl ignored that and decided she was going to go off of GPS directions instead of mine. Of course she got lost and then calls me and tells me she’s at a dead end somewhere. I couldn’t figure out where she was at and told her thats the reason I had given her the directions to follow. It took her over an hour. When she arrived, she was in a horrible mood. My review said “Did not follow directions as instructed. When guest finally arrived, she was not too pleasant. Guest had a rude demeanor her entire stay. She may be best suited for a hotel, where they are better equipped to cater to difficult guests.”


Yes, I always make sure to thumbs down no matter what and definitely encourage others to do the same for anyone who gave you a bad experience. It really does help us to filter!


I have friend who have a hotel who are on the main street and extremely obvious, and they have issues with people using GPS and not their brains.


I have exactly the same issue with GPS sending people to the wrong location, particularly with hire cars. I send written directions the day before people are due to arrive, emphasising why it’s important to follow these and not their SatNav, but STILL they don’t/won’t follow or read them. Some people laugh at themselves for being so foolish, others give off vibes that I’m too clever by half and it’s somehow me at fault. Grrrr.


They will cancel if the guest breaks your house rules, becomes violent etc. Did your guest break your house rules?