Hosts must now call Airbnb support to "Offer a Full Refund" after a guest cancels

I had a guest want to add more guests than my listing allowed, after booking since relatives now want to join. I suggested him another listing that would work. I told him I would issue a full refund after he cancelled 1st listing, even though airbnb would tell him during cancel flow that he would NOT get a full refund.

I’ve done this full refund flow many times.

So the guest cancels and I get the email notification which still has a link to “Offer a Full Refund”.

So I click that link and it takes me into a new flow in the Resolution Center and instead of pre filling the full refund amount , it makes you enter an amount to refund. Of course I don’t know the full amount, so I have to go back and lookup the updated payout. So I try to enter that amount ($175) and it stops me and says the max I can refund is $25. WTH!

So I call airbnb and explain what I’m seeing and ask why the flow is different. CS informed me that full refunds now require calls and Airbnb CS is the only way to accomplish this task. Uhhgg. More time consuming tasks from our ABB overlords who don’t trust us to manage our own bookings.

Just an heads up on a new host requirement.


Thank you for sharing this experience. I would think AirBnB would want it to be easy to offer a full refund. I’m surprised the resolution center only let you send $25. I could see accidentally refunding the service fees if the refund process is not easy and clear.

One more reason not of refund outside of my policies.



I don’t know what triggered me having to call them that time. Recently cancels by guest have been back to normal. I just click on the email and refund in full. abb just being WeirdBNB again.