Hosts from Scandinavia: we need your help!

Hey guys and girls,

we are a group of students from Aarhus University (Denmark) currently working on a project where we try to find a way to facilitate the key delivery when renting out accommodation.
Now we need the help and experience of you hosts to see if this could be a viable idea that is worth pursuing further.
It only takes 3-4 minutes and would give us important insights to evolve the idea from its current initial stage.

Thanks and have a great day!

Please click here for the survey:

Two questions:
Who is Ramboli Management Consulting A/S?
And why are you only targeting Scandinavian hosts, while the problem you are trying to solve seems to be universal?

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Hey, thanks for your answer!

  1. I don’t know. Never heard of that company why?
  2. Well we have to start somewhere. Besides the world is just too different, geography wise, so we thought about the Nordics as being more similar in that regard and thus a good start for our investigation :slight_smile:

Hi Michael

Why don’t you approach hosts from these countries in their home languages through country and city groups, rather than an international forum where the vast majority aren’t from this countries.

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When I open your link it says “Ramboli Management Consulting A/S” in the title bar, suggesting that maybe you are not students but a company. That why I asked ;).

@Helsi: Good point. We’re also trying to approach them directly but we thought why not also try it here. Unfortunately I don’t know about the share of people from the Nordics in this forum, there might still be some :slightly_smiling_face:

They’re Danish and they’re interested in the Danish /Nordic market. Seems to me that’s pretty reasonable.