Host's Feedback - Increase Bookings with Students?

I’m a student working on a research project regarding student travelers using Airbnb. I am hoping to interview hosts about their engagement with possible guests, and how to increase bookings for hosts by catering to students. If any hosts are interested in a quick interview as it will give me great insight, please message me for further information.

Thank you!

Any students I have had have always asked for a discount, so not particularly interested in hosting them.


Young people tend to not be very good at traveling. You get situations where they’re used to living with their parents and having people clean up after them or they think utilities are unlimited and free. Unfortunately I’d have to say that I much prefer middle aged and older guests. They tend to be a lot more considerate and wise.


Why would hosts want to give discounts to students? What is it about students that could possibly make them better guests, and thus deserving a discount, than anyone else? Weird.

I love younger guests and have had brilliant teenagers often but I don’t see why students should get a discount. Please explain.

  1. Increase room rate for students.
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Book me for a night, I’m all yours :slight_smile:


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When I was a college student we’d go on chaperoned class trips and rent an entire bungalow or house. Everybody would just sort of flop out on the floor wherever, co-ed too. :grin:
On a per-person rate, it would be cheaper but if you have 35 students there, it would be worth it. Like let’s say you do $350/night for a busload of students vs $180/night for a family. I know most of the time that wouldn’t work for most of you but maybe thats the situation npatel23 has in mind.

It’d be interesting to know how many hosts would go for that!