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Hosts dissatisfied with airbnb new NON INTELLIGENT tarification software around?


furious with the new non intelligent tarification system that doesn’t allow us any freedom to establish our rates ,and doesn’t allow us the possibility to write special offers ourselves,furious that airbnb is so disrepectful to the hosts that there isn’t even a mai or phone to contact them directly,furious that there are more and more ads from professionals disguised as private owners on the site and thinking about quitting this ship that looks everyday more like the other big booking sites…am I the only one thinking the starting philosophy is definitely gone down the drain ?


There is a phone number to contact Airbnb directly and you can offer special rates when guests inquire also you can set a rate for each night.

Did something particular happen to make you feel this way??


then would like to know what is the phone number for hosts in Mozambique so it doesn’t cost me a fortune…but I still think an email would be better so I could send you my quote adapted to each request as I cannot do it myself.in the same way I would like to be able to write the guests as many messages as I want without a quote,and without receiving an email from you telling me I haven’t answered and they are waiting which is not true
airbnb was a way to meet people and make some money,it isn’t and will never be a full time activity ; I want to be able to sélect my guests and offer them a fair price and I don’t want to spend hours trying to do so and frustrated before I can’t.airbnb has lost its spirit

what makes me furious is dealing with a machine and software totally inadapted to my needs and an unfriendly interface not to say hostile!! I am fed up loosing my time entering prices and when I comme back they have changed(diminished ?!) and of course guests won’t accept higher prices,it’s suspicious at the least,I wouldn’t. and seing more and more ads by professionnels on the town page also makes me furious as we cannot advertise on Hotel booking sites.


I don’t know what intelligent tariffs cation price setting system you are talking about?


i have felt this way.
giving me ‘Penalties’ because i canceled a reservation due to the plumbing not working. with this logic it would have been better for me to have guests show up and not be able to use the toilet, sink or shower. i gave the guests like 2 weeks notice, so incase i couldn’t get it fixed, they would have plenty of time to make another reservation. Like they are my Mother and i need their guidance.
or the difficulty in finding their number, first you have to go through numerous ‘help’ steps. even though they make millions off of us…
they act like we work for them, when in fact, they work for us.

but like all businesses, none last forever, competition will enter the market. I’m trying to think of the site that came before facebook?, no i can’t remember it, and that was only a couple years ago…


i don’t like that the % they charge guests is 2-12% and they provide no rules or reasoning for how that is determined.
so when determining a good price for guests, i have to ask, “well how much are you being charged, what do you see?:” since i can’t see that.


MySpazz I think. I remember it wouldn’t let me even try to look at anything because my browser was supposedly out of date. Idiots - I’m not going to buy a new laptop just so I can visit your pathetic web site.


Sorry, I must be suffering a slow-brain day. What the heck does “tarification” mean in English?


Sorry we can’t be of more help. Sounds like these are international issues that don’t pertain to most of us hosting on Air.


it means that you have to six a price per room and not per guests anymore and the computer does the quote for you automatically which is unadapted to our type of family rooms with 1 to 6 guests and prices according to the age of the children and the length of the stay.Furthermore it is most of the time difficult if not impossible to change it maybe due to the poor quality or slow speed of our internet connection hère in Africa which airbnb doesn’t want to know about.
The same goes about these statistics about how fast you respond to enquiries,when internet or phone or electricity are cut as it happens often,you cannot respond even if you want too.and when airbnb tells you others in your town do better and you know those are professional hôteliers with powerful connections and generators ,you wonder


Yes,have contacted airbnb yesterday through help center for national or at least regional(south africa) phone contact or email.still waiting for an answer.


I am searching alternative ways and will sooner or later


sorry french word it means rate system


yes adapter to the western world and its facilities,and let the others complain and struggle.

airbnb is a community…let me laugh

comic examples “give us a postal address so we can send you little presents” no postal services here,wake up airbnb and travel a bit ,houses have no numbers streets have no names,guests find us with GPS data…“what are your security equipments?” God if she exists,there are no firemen in the whole country except at airports,and all equipment has to be imported at a high cost and cannot be checked regularly as asked…we are happy when we find soap and toilet paper at the market and it is that experience of a lifetime that we want to share with our guests,another way of life: making the best with what exists around

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