Hosts abusing Airbnb 90 day limit in London, Brick Lane, Shoreditch

We’ve recently been made aware of a couple based in Brick Lane, London that are abusing the 90 day limit. One may think that’s not too bad, but we’re talking approx 30 properties (entire homes). So if anyone that has had their listings blocked, or are counting the days as the counter ticks away. Be glad to know, that there are 30 properties that has reached their 90 days, raking in the benefits in your absence. You can find these delightful hosts, by going onto the Airbnb platform, typing in Brick lane, London and doing your search. You will find the original listings which clearly state the name of the couple, then you will find all 30 new listings under the name of the wife. She created her profile in january 2017, so clearly they do not have planning permission to short term let over 90 days. Not only have they broken Airbnb’s new rules, disregarded the steps, Airbnb have to continuously take to allow as all to host. But they’ve also stuck their fingers up at the local hosting community.

Why are you not reporting it to the city?

I am sure they want to hear it.

If you want to get hissy, contact the London authorities; we certainly can’t help you.

What did you expect? People who have made investments thinking they were going to make money all of a sudden get their income cut by 75%. Quiet logical they are trying to find the loopholes in the system.


I expect people to obey the law. They aren’t above the law just because they made an investment. It might be logical but that doesn’t make it right. The OP should report them to the authorities.


I didn’t say it’s acceptable that they don’t obey the law, I just said it is very logical that they go in search of loopholes. And you know how people are… But more than anything else this situation says something about the quality and enforceability of that law.
If the systems allows to be #****#, lots of people will #**# it !

So maybe Air will have to bring in proof of ownership like they do on some other sites. That would remove the issues of the home renters letting their rooms without permission and multiple listings of the sae place under different accounts.

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(tsk, tsk!)

Don’t apologise…just don’t use them :frowning:

The funny thing is that this doesn’t really work on an internet forum. It’s all very well to swear a lot in conversation (and I do, believe me) and then apologise because you can’t unsay things. But on the internet you can review your comments before you press ‘go’ or edit your comment once it’s published.

It’s akin to putting a PS in an email - daft.

Being English I have the fruitiest language in person. We have the best swear words. But on a public forum you never know who will read it and judge you accordingly.

So please just cool it a little in case you offend others, okay? Thanks :slight_smile:

Worth the cost of a plane ride! :wink:

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I dated a Greek guy in college (I’m from the US) and he swore in English, telling me we have the best ones! Short, easy to say and easy to spit out at someone.
Yes, if you feel the need for profanity, please use the time-honored tradition of using a bunch of symbols ($%^#$!) or the first and last letter with ** in between. That will communicate your emotion sufficiently.

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@PitonView Words in a language are there to be used, but I edited it and put in a hypocritical bleep like they tend to do in the USA on television. I really don’t see any difference. Luckily I got quoted… :joy: I was thinking of editing it to :peach::eggplant: but didn’t want to get in any more trouble.
@jaquo And if these words are so totally unacceptable, people shouldn’t use them in spoken language either: In that case people should think first and then speak. :slight_smile:.
@Helsi I of course used them intentionally to get my point across, I wanted to use language what it is made for. Next time I won’t apologize if that makes any difference. :sunglasses:
@SandyToes What does (tsk, tsk!) mean. That doesn’t seem to be official English. :smile:

But you’re all lovely people !!! I’ll keep it in mind the next time. :heart:

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I understood Airbnb turned listings off once they reached the 90 day limit ? And by the way we aren’t even 90 days into 2017 so how do you know they’re already in breach ?

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By re-listing all the properties under a new profile, gives them a further 90 days. Some of the original listings still have available dates.

I did immediately think that’s how you would get around it if you were that way inclined. Report them is the only way …

Interesting comment. So Airbnb are being challenged in cities around the world. Lawsuits and restrictions coming out of their ears. They put a 90 day counter on or London, which in turn will help hosts in the long run. And you respond with ‘If you want to get hissy’. Glad to see some of the Airbnb community have their priorities in tact.

@GutHend Tsk Tsk is official English. It’s the sound you make when you’re making a disapproving noise in English. We write it tsk tsk, it’s a version of tut tut.

Off-topic, but I miss Brick Lane. :frowning:


I am sure anybody who thought about this realised that there are many ways around it, many such hosts will list on multiple platforms for example.