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Hosting summary Scary message


I’ve just seen the following message on my hosting summary page - "Basic requirements needs your attention Your performance has fallen below the average for hosts, and it’s important to focus on improving it."
However, when I click on ‘view details’ I’m exceeding all of the targets for both of my listings. The only problem/issue that I can force is that currently both my listings are snoozed. Anybody else had this happen to them?



I have had the same message. Cannot figure out what the problem is. The lowest rating I have is 1 4.7 for check in. I have just ignored it.


And me …!!!


Oh I had that too because I didn’t respond to a booking inquiry this weekend (2nd time in 3 years) and I am now below the response average (for some reason the request didn’t ping up on my phone like it normally does).

@Kerensa_Baker you should be able to see where according to Airbnb you have fallen short by comparing their targets with what you have. I think they look for 4.8 as their scores on the doors expectation. But to be honest I have got confused and now ignore it.


That was my confusion too - I’m above their requirements across the board - the only thing that’s different is that both listings have been snoozed for a month!


It is the snooze. You’re not getting requests. Their algorithms are often NOT very sophisticated and frankly, they don’t want people to snooze. They want the ka-ching and they will browbeat you as much as they can. Ignore, ignore, ignore.


That’ll be it then, I’ll ignore, thanks


Hi! I just saw this too. I called the superhost line and they couldn’t help me. Said they would put in a ticket for support and I would be contated. When I access my basic requirements from the dashboard it says I have a 4.6 rating and need to have a 4.7 rating. But when I look under ratings I have a 4.9 rating. Very confusing. I have done nothing different to get this poor number. So weird.


I have this on one listing that I currently only rent out for a month in high season. I can’t say what I think about this crap from airbnb because profanity is frowned upon here.
It never ceases to amaze me why airbnb puts so much effort into admonishing hosts for getting perfectly ok ratings. And at the same time spends so much money on financing support staff who have to deal with hosts calling them up about their admonishments. I’m not particularly business minded but… ?


I have this too as I forgot to reply to a spam message disguised as a booking request. Air deleted the guest’s profile but still gave me a warning message :see_no_evil:


I think everyone for the same meaaage. Just ignore it .


Yes me too on both listings even though one is 75% of the time booked! Ignore, trying to get us onto their terms/deals I think.

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