Hosting SEVEN Dogs!

We just finished cleaning our 3 bedroom 1 and a half bath place after a couple left with their 7 dogs!!! My partner couldn’t believe I agreed to let them stay but they were coming to town for dog agility trials so I figured the dogs would be pretty well behaved. I absolutely cannot believe how clean they left the place!!! They closed off 2 of the bedrooms so we didn’t even have to clean them and the rest of the house was SUPER clean. There was a tiny bit of dog hair but I certainly expected SO much more!!! Just goes to show that you never know…Hahahahaha!


My husband and I ran a pet photo biz for years and attended (photographed) hundreds of agility trials. Agility competitors often have a very hard time finding accommodations. Just about everyone we know in that sport is incredibly respectful and very motivated to ensure that anyplace they stay would welcome them back.


That’s great news! And important information for people reading this who are deciding whether to host dogs.

I’ve had similar experiences - well not 7, the largest number I had was 4 (very small dogs) but the apartment is under 500 sq. ft.

I’ve had plenty of guests with dogs (until our HOA banned them) and they’ve always been excellent. Cats too (the HOA didn’t ban them, go figure) and one lady with several cats also brought her own bedding so that I wouldn’t have to deal with cat hairs on the bed.

Pet owners are the best. :slight_smile:


Well, at least RESPONSIBLE pet owners are the best!!


That’s good to know, but that’s not going to convince me to accept people with dogs. My property is pet free. I cater to people with allergies, you cater to pet owners.
There’s room for everyone.


I have lots of guests with allergies, and lots of guests with pets. I found that removing the textiles was way more effective than removing the pets. No one is saying you should allow pets, just that it’s not necessarily related to allergies.

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Wrong! Not in my situation!

What part of that statement is wrong? I host people with allergies and people with pets. That’s not wrong, that’s a statement of fact. And if someone doesn’t allow pets but does use scented detergent or have wall to wall carpet installed it doesn’t make their listing automatically suitable for people with allergies. Actually, my dry climate with no dust mites, mold, few cockroaches, less pollen and my airbnb room with no carpet, drapes, throw pillows, upholstered furniture and minimal other textiles is more hypo-allergenic than many pet free Airbnb rooms.