Hosting right next to a school!?

Hi! I’m planning on hosting in paris soon, I’m currently living in my newly renovated studio and the thing is it’s right next to a primary school. I have sound proof windows but it’s still not the quietest place, and I don’t even know how hot it’s going to get in summer to keep the windows shut.

my question is, how would you go about telling your guests about this? I don’t want to exclude that detail because if I were a guest I wouldn’t be very happy that that wasn’t mentioned, thanks!

Just add it to the location description. Chances are the school will be silent during the hours your guests want peace and quiet.

Just mention it in your listing or if people really start complaining you can tell them directly when they request. Also we bought a box of fifty earplugs a year ago and half have been used so guests use them and often comment in my reviews about how it was a nice touch.

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From my experience, Paris is hardly a quiet city! With the Vespas going at all hours?! But for us that was part of the charm. And everyone is right - at the time schools are noisy your guests will be chomping on pastries, walking down into the Catacombs, or walking up to the Arc de Triomphe. It would not dissuade me at all.

Just make it clear in the listing!

bonne chance!

Just came back from Rio de Janeiro where I rented an apartment next to a school. Rio is not quiet place, but I was not really happy to have not quiet apartment.

I’m right next to a primary school and none of my guests have ever mentioned being disturbed by the noise, even during band practice! Most guests are out and about 9am - 3pm anyway and the sound of children playing, singing etc is preferable to sirens, alarms and jackhammers I reckon! The earplug option is good though, I do that too but more because my next-door neighbours have parties on a regular basis.

I am a late sleeper, especially on vacation (I rarely wake up before noon): a rental near a school would be a nightmare from me. I would rather hear a continuous noise like car traffic.
You should say something simple like “my studio is opposite a school. You may hear children play in the daytime.”

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Yes. Be very transparent in your listing. Some people enjoy the laughter of children while on holiday. I am not one of them. It’s all about matching you up with suitable guests.

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I live in a complex with lots of noisy kids, noisy outside of school hours. I put in the listing, this is a family neighborhood with kids and dogs. So far no one has complained that they weren’t warned.

We use to live right next to a school as well. No one ever commented on the noise. In fact we found it quite pleasant to hear the happy laughs of the children. It was only for short periods of time during the day when the guests were out exploring anyway. You probably won’t see too much of your guests

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In the U.S., many schools are cutting back on recess time. Yes, you heard correctly. :wink: At the school where I sub regularly, only the lower el K-3 students have more than one recess besides lunch recess. So you may only hear them around 10AM for first recess, at lunch recess (usually shorter) and maybe not much at all in the afternoon.

More worrying I would imagine is the traffic. Lots of coming and going before 8AM and at about 2:30… Again, this is the US. Other countries may differ.

great stuff! thank you all for replying :smiley: