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Hosting in Los Angeles what is required ? New Host in LA

Hi I am a host in Los Angeles. I was wondering if I needed a business license and if other licenses or tax forms were needed?

Also does anyone know if the proposed rules for 90 days only went through already. The internet is loose on this.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

You do need a business license and you need to sign up to pay the Transient Occupancy Tax. We went to the Office of Finance to sign up as the website doesn’t have a way to sign up online for our type of business. You can pay the monthly Transient Occupancy Tax online once you’re signed up. Here is a link to the website.


My husband went to the Los Angeles Planning Commission hearing where they discussed a limit on the number of days you can host. The final vote was to allow hosting 180 days per year. Now, the Los Angeles City Council will review the regulations and make their recommendations. Once they have made their recommendations the mayor will sign the bill or veto it.

IS this for all of LA? Or just Los Angeles proper? I remember hearing about Air BNB being banned in the beach cities and WeHo.

This is just for the city of Los Angeles, not the other cities that are in Los Angeles County. You are correct that the city of West Hollywood banned Airbnb outright. Santa Monica allows Airbnb, but only if the host lives with the guests. I don’t know about the other beach cities that are separate cities from Los Angeles.

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You know, this is a trend that seems to be gaining momentum.


So for now we ( hosts in los angeles county) can still host as many days until or if the governor approves the bill. Did I get that right? Hm. I wonder when the governor is due to sign.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, we can still host as many days as we want until the mayor signs. According to my husband, the whole process will probably take until the end of the year, but that’s not a promise.

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