Hosting in Japan

Just wondering if any other hosts out there are having issues with the registration and location sections of their listings.
When Japan introduced the mandatory registration of properties, I was unable to complete this by the deadline as I was living in another country (we are seasonal only) and so I was delisted. I didn’t need to obtain the notification number as we have a hotel license. When I got to Japan (now) I found my hotel license entered the relevant informaiton. The air system seemed happy and said I could now continue hosting. I go to the listings page and select relist. Now it says that because my country of residence doesn’t match my listing and therefore will not relist. So I changed my profile address from Australia to Japan (this wasn’t an issue previously). Still no luck. Tried amending the address in the actual listings, and its saying the address doesn’t exist effectively. No combination or variation of my address (which also wasn’t a problem prior and is correct), will work therefore, unable to save and unable to proceed.

Have been in contact with airbnb support and getting nowhere. Just about had it and ready to just delist permanently as its not worth the trouble, but I have spent so much time on it now, thought I would give this one last ditch attempt to resolve.

If you have any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative.

Sounds like a glitch. Get Airbnb customer service to sort it on the phone.

@Jess1 I am in Japan. How do obtain numbers?. I have been doing it over the email support and getting no where. they keep telling me its a license issue and I know its not. My address is not recognised by the airbnb system.

Japan +81 3 4580 0999
+81 800 100 1008 (toll-free)

@jaquo - thank you for supplying that info.

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