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Hosting Guests with Pets / Pet Deposits?


Are there any hosts here who have had experiences hosting travelers with their pets? If so, do you also charge an security deposit/fee for these travelers, and how do you do so (Airbnb Resolution Center, PayPal, cash, Venmo, etc.)?

I’m working on a student design project focusing on Airbnb hosts and would love your help by filling out this quick survey (forms (dot) gle (slash) Zk7xgS7FeGWuPpmo7), but happy to hear about experiences as well!


Hello @thomastli

If you are asking how hosts pay for additional pet fees, it seems you have misunderstood the whole Airbnb concept.

Hosts can only raise these fees, and in fact any additional costs, through Airbnb Resolution Centre.

If you want to find out more about host experiences with pets, you can use the search function, as this topic has been discussed on here a fair few times.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve read a few threads in the past regarding pets, pet deposits, and the like on this forum; I saw some records of people using PayPal in the past (despite the fact that this is likely not what Airbnb would want) to collect pet fees. Specifically, the project I’m working on is thinking about whether these things can be incorporated onto the Airbnb platform itself (more similar to the cleaning fee) rather than done through the Resolution Center. Does this make sense/would this appeal to you?


No Air wouldn’t want hosts to collect fees outside of the platform. Makes sense doesn’t it?


Pets are a major problem to to hosts, particularly if you have a nice place, good furniture and carpeting. A single pet can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and believe me, you won’t collect anything through Air BnB except frustration. Even when you don’t allow pets we’ve found guests sneaking them in.

Our advice is no pets. I don’t even want service animals because of the hair. Many guests have allergies and we want our place clean, without oders, and welcoming.

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I took your survey. I’d be interested to see if anything comes of it, especially since it says you are doing this with Airbnb. All my listings are Pet Friendly. I also have accommodations for horses at the one where I also live, but usually get dogs and cats. I did get one fish though and I let him stay for free because my guest did the right thing and disclosed him and was willing to pay the pet fees for him (at the time it was $15/night and I think she stayed 5 nights).


No pets! Its always a problem.


I allow pets. It’s not been a problem. I charge $25 per pet per visit using Pay Pal because everytime I tried to use the Resolution Center it didn’t work properly. I would like to be able to include the fee, as I do using the other popular platform that begins with “V”. With that platform, I can even add the charge later, if necessary.


I just spoke to Airbnb Customer Service Guy last week and one of the issues was my $35.00 on time fee for each Pet I approve. He said it is fine to charge it. He said when they make their Request and I approve to add it. And if I have problems to call Airbnb and they would help me…He also said I can charge that amount for a Service Dog also. I just remembered he told me to comment in my Ad that it is for the extra carpet and other cleaning for animal hair, etc. ( so I am going to go now and include why I am charging it, LOL)

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You can @momovich - just create a special offer.


I will try, again. I have created Special Offers, however when the guest tries to pay, they are unable to do so. They get frustrated so quickly that it has been easier to just send them a quick email. Thanks.


I have received an email indicating my feedback was “particularly helpful and interesting” and asked for a follow up phone call…that’s a first!

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