Hosting frustrations

Hi this may have been discussed many times but does anybody else think there is a need for Airbnb to disclose the ratings that guests give about other homes.

As a guest they read my reviews to make a decision about whether they want to stay in my place.

As I host I read the comments made about the guests. Generally I believe hosts are generous hoping that the guests are also generous and positive.

What I really want to know as a host is does the guest usually leave positive reviews and can I trust them to be open and honest in the judgements. If they generally leave negative comments in places where others rate them as good then alarm bells would alert me that these guests are tough cookies to please. My experience is generally great but I have started noticing a recent influx of guests that are just unable to be pleased and actually wanting a five star hotel service and opting for a stay in a shared house but not prepared to accept that others in the house might inconvenience them.

I just get frustrated with the people who critique you but don’t have the decency to contact you before they give feedback, even when I clearly ask them to contact me if there is an issue. You just can’t seem to win but I think Airbnb need to allow hosts to decide on accepting guests by the reviews that they leave on other hosts.

Is this me be unreasonable?

Air Review -


I never knew this existed but it’s not available on App Store for the iPhone. Is it an app?

It’s a Chrome extension, for desktop.

Airbnb is tailoring themselves as hotel model…Hotels can’t pre pick guests and if you try, Airbnb may squeal that you are being discriminating and there goes your listing.

I hope that you’re not doing all your hosting business with the app rather than on the web desktop. There are some things like editing your listings and their settings that are best done with a web browser. I’m avoiding Chrome for security reasons but the extension is also available for Firefox. I always back up my listings and bookings to my PC.


Just installed this for Firefox on a windows 10 machine and it works great! Latest update was only 6 hours ago on the extension. Love this already!