Hosting Calculators

I have designed several free calculators that other hosts may find helpful. I would be very interested in any feedback/suggestions that could make these more useful for hosts. The calculators are as follows:

Airbnb Breakeven Calculator: This calculator lets you adjust a few variables to find your break-even nightly rate at a given occupancy level.

Airbnb Profit Calculator: a detailed calculator that allows you to use sliders to adjust the occupancy, price, and number of bookings to see if a potential property generates positive returns. There are several assumptions that may be modified.

Airbnb Special Offer Calculator: A quick way to figure out the number you should enter in your special offer.

Airbnb Rental Arbitrage Calculator: This calculator allows you to quickly determine if a rental property is likely to be profitable.

Airbnb Decision Calculator: This calculates a high-level comparison between selling your home, listing it as a long-term rental, or listing it on Airbnb.

Note to the misguided forum vigilante: This is posted in the tools section of the forums and follows every one of the conditions listed in the guidelines for posts in this category. The guidelines specifically state that website links may be posted and that the online content must be owned by the person posting in the forum, which I do.


Well, if you have an “arbitrage calculator” that tells me that you are exactly the kind of person that driving this business down the rathole. Rental arbitrage takes needed housing units off the market, and it often violates leases as well as local laws. IMHO it should be outlawed everywhere. It gives us legal and ethical hosts a bad name.

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Your previous thread was flagged and deleted because the forum member who flagged you went to your blog and discovered that you are scraping information from this forum and using it on your blog. This is what was reported to the moderation team:

Self promoting bollox it is, and when you go to the site you’ll find that he is harvesting info from here.

Case in point:

My way of getting those important first three reviews.
Open calendar for a month max.
Minimum stay one night, max two or three.
Use Airbnb price tips for pricing.
Soon as you have three or four confirmed bookings, wack your prices up to a normal (for your market) level and then open calendar back up.
While it is contrary to what many on here advise, it’s worked for us on two properties so far.
You need to be on the ball, if you’re cheap folks will book so as soon as you those first few bookings, change it straight away.
It’s essentially a marketing strategy, so don’t expect to make a fortune out of those nights.
Sorry, should have also mentioned the 20% discount Airbnb will push you to add. Do it.

And on his site (his bold, not mine), dated a week or after, and different to his forum post in that topic:

I would urge you to think of your first step as marketing, not a pricing strategy
Here are the steps you need to follow when you are getting started on Airbnb.

  1. Make sure your Airbnb listing is complete.
  2. Set minimum night stay to 1 and maximum to 3.
  3. Open your calendar for the next 30 days.
  4. Use smart pricing (this is the only time I will ever suggest using smart pricing).
  5. Allow Airbnb to offer the first three guests 20% off.
  6. Ask for reviews from these guests.
  7. Turn off smart-pricing, employ your long-term pricing strategy.
  8. Make sure you are turning inquiries into bookings.

So it seems that this vigilante who flagged your post did so because you are taking information from here and posting as an expert on your own blog. It seems that you are trying to use this forum to get clicks to your blog which many members here do not like.

So thats why your post was flagged.



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Obviously paraphrasing someone else’s content like this is in poor taste. Your argument is merely semantics. The mods are 100% correct. It is irrelevant that you did it by hand vs. a bot scraping. Actually, it is perhaps worse since you knowingly did it with intent.

It is one thing for a member to borrow / copy someone else’s house rules to use in their own listings. Quite another for you to essentially steal content then say “hey it is marketing 101”. Just silly.

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

You are also reposting despite the forum moderators telling you that your self promoting posts are being removed pending input from the forum owner.

When in a hole, stop digging.


Overzealous forum flaggers … Pot calling the kettle black, eh?


Color notwithstanding, dare we have a reprise of the great Kettle debate? Electric or range top? :wink:

Off topic posts about politics… totally different. Nice try though.

What you’ll find is that direction change / and tangents happen on most topics; I’m guilty as charged. But until there are Forum rules for doing such, there is no reason for flagging people for just that.