Hosting a property from remote location

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A very best wishes for your hosting
I am based in Australia. I have an investment property in South east Asia which I would like to host in Airbnb. I recently signed up with Airbnb with all things verified. As I am fairly new to this side of the exciting hosting world I would like your kind help answering below questions please

  • is it possible for me to list the property using my profile?
  • I have a local person there who would be able to maintain the property like cleaning and setting things up for guests, but he would be unable to talk or understand requirements from foreign guests if any. Are guests solely depends on phone number with property listing or they prefer to communicate through Airbnb app?
    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Thanks
  1. The only way to set your listing is via your profile

  2. You need a local co-host as well as your cleaner who can communicate with guests, deal with things that go wrong on the griund such as problem guests or things that go wrong such as guest locking themselves out

Most communication should be via the app but you need a phone contact for emergencies

Have a look at tutorials on Airbnb Community and Q&As on Airbnb Help and search function here

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Thanks for your valuable comments, the co-host would be capable of every support. Any idea regarding insurance of the property?

I would do a google search for specialist insurance providers that cover the location or speak to a local insurance broker @mortuzahasan

So your chap in Asia does not speak the local language?

Read post before engaging keyboard :wink:



You could be the one communicating with guests even if not on the ground.

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Why is that? Please let us know.

Time zones might make it difficult though as he is on the other side of the world from his rental. @Brandt

english language is the scariest thing in the subcontinent :joy:

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