Host travel points vs. payout

I’d love to receive Host Travel Points to use for traveling as a guest or with Airbnb airline, car hire, restaurant or other travel partners.

It would allow for more hosting as I must limit offerings due to 30% or more income tax and hotel tax if I go over a certain $ amount. Each booking requires 3.5-4 hours of cleaning-laundering + around 1 hour of shopping to ready my cottage in beautiful but dusty Northern New Mexico. If I hire crew and only spend $10 on food, new sponges, toiletries, etc. (usually more like $20), I just break even at $68- which is considered a bit high for my location and private room + bathroom in home.

I enjoy hosting guests but do not want a business where I’m required to itemize receipts and raise my taxable income since I’m not actually making money, just participating in a wonderful travel club.

I believe this option would open up a wealth of beautiful homes and properties which otherwise wouldn’t be an option due to the income and hotel tax issues.

Why don’t you join a travel club or a home exchange then


Sounds like short term renting is not really a fit for you. But I don’t understand. Are you attempting to suggest this to the forum?

Couch surfing is a free organization and you can host for free - in turn others will host you for free.