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Host to host vacation swap

I travel a lot and I find that the most affordable way to travel is to swap with other hosts (if I can convince them why they would want to come to my beautiful city). It’s a great way to network with other hosts and as well to travel on a budget. I usually end up making an agreement to swap night for night regardless on the price difference as prices vary from city to city; as long as it’s a direct trade (1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom for same). If it’s not an even trade, then I’ll pay an agreed on difference… Although I find most hosts don’t care about that too much.

Anyways, I have had a heck of a time trying to find a forum or venue to look for other hosts of like mind who want to do direct trades with other hosts. I started a Facebook group with this goal in mind.

Feel free to join, share your experiences, thoughts and your rental!!! But please, this is only for hosts who have active listings and are wanting to trade.



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Excellent idea! I don’t travel at all, a big part of that is the price of lodging of course… now, how do you get the word out? :slight_smile:

Hi @Rich_Platt,

Excellent idea. But is it really necessary to use Facebook for this? Ugh.
Oh, and what is your location? I’m in Bombay, India.

I’m in Canada. I think the majority of the users on the Facebook group would be on the western side. But you never know.

It would actually be really nice if Airbnb had a badge available where hosts can display it on their profiles that shows they are open to doing trade offs.


Air bnb wants to earn fees so I don’t see them offering the option

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Agreed. It’s extraordinarily unlikely that they would do something like that to decrease their revenue.

what if they still collected a fee?


Right. It could be a new revenue stream for them. SwapB&B.


Kona, Kona, Kona you are sooo funny but actually these are good ideas, as my best friend and I used to say, you are pretty and smart!


I just require a founder’s fee should they implement it. They can have the name for the bargain price of only 1 mill.


Clearly @konacoconutz is not just a pretty face. Business savvy to boot!


LOL! Why thank you. But also remember I’ve been an advertising copywriter and creative director for more than 30 years (gulp) … (I sound so old!)

Clients pay us good money to think of names! One of the most difficult things there is to do by the way.


just…husbands not included…

(referencing other thread)

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I worked in advertising on Madison Avenue in tv production, small world!

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Wow!! do you know anyone who needs a copywriter?? I’ll PM you with the networking details… :smile:

It was a long time ago. My contacts are retired or dead lol but if I could help I would!

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I just requested to join the group.

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