Host side of Air website down

I have been in earlier this evening but can suddenly not access my listings, dashboard or in-box. Anyone else noticed this?

“error 500” whatever that is!

Sounds like an error from your internet provider. Reload browser or quite browser and restart. Change browsers. Air doesn’t ever go down, in my experience of almost 9 years on Air. Have never seen that happen.

It came back up before I did anything, and the app was fine. Phew. Wheelhouse has been crap for two weeks now, and my calendar needs updating manually. panic, panic, panic.

Whoah, now I need to go check my wheelhouse and make sure it’s synced. What issues are you experiencing? Have you talked with support? Did they say the problem was sitewide?

I had this too (maybe Europe-wide?) but it came back after a couple of hours. I assumed it was the usual snafu …

I can’t access my listing on Airbnb via Wheelhouse. I seemed to have been able to change my base price but I can’t be sure as I’m then told to reconnect, then nothing happens. They did just about admit early last week that they were having problems with Air’s side but have since gone silent on the matter. I’ve passed the problem over to my in-house IT boffin. Will keep you posted if he comes up with anything.

Have you checked yet? Our end is still rubbish and uncommunicative.

Mine was up again after about 30 minutes, but today I find all sorts of different twiddles to their (own) management info twaddle. And I can’t find the page on my dashboard with the review countdown either. Anyone else got this?

Help us out please… what is a twiddle and how is it different from a twaddle?

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(I believe they are one and the same…it just depends how fast one walks.)

Twiddle(s) = fiddle(s) with purposelessly.

Twaddle = nonsense, trivia.

Twiddle-twaddle = empty chatter.


I had a problem earlier this afternoon with the message system not letting me finish typing in a message to a guest. Eventually I just went down and we chatted for 2 hours about art (he is a successful artist) and shared a glass of red watching the sunset. Sometimes technology fails lead to a great result!